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Add Large naval ships with walkable interior
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The addition of large naval ships such as battle ships and aircraft carriers with walkable interiors and fully functional weapons would make ARMA 3 a much better game with more options.


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1- not enough resources
2- no need for naval warfare
3- US army doesn't use battleships nor Carriers

Thats a good Idea especially if the go back to statis in the campaign.

I'm sorry, as much as i would love warships supporting assaults, i'll have to downvote this...the game is in simply no shape to expand to another type of combat.


besides, modders will cover that and they already have

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And the engine cant do much more right now

They should add the Navy as a faction then. It would make the game more fun to have this as a option. Could someone give me a link for a good mod for large warships?

there are no real good ones now, just the USS Nimitz that was originally a mod for arma 2 but updated to 3.
heres a link to it anyway:

Thanks vryoffbtdrummr

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UP voted! Whether navy becomes part of ARMA or not having the *technology* in place (walkable interiors, etc.) would open the same use to the modding community in general. Am I the only one that would like to see ship to ship battle? I don't think so. How about Somali Pirates boarding a civilian freighter and a sniper from a cutter doing over watch while Navy Seals board the ship and try to take it back?

These ideas would be made into reality MUCH more easily if BI incorporated the basic structures into the vanilla code.

Even if it was a DLC... "ARMA 3: Naval Expansion", I'd buy it in a heart beat and I know others would as well.

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There is already a script for this, you can sit on top of moving destroyers, HEMTTs, inside flying helicopters, land on moving aircraft carriers / destroyers, etc.. The only real problem is that BIS doesn't want to add that.


Just want to point out it is not the US army alone...

NATO consists of more than just the US Army, the other American armed forces also make up the US NATO contribution. However you must also consider that there are other countries like Britain, France, Spain, etc.

On the note of warships I believe that because they exist in the real world they should exist in the game, in the same way that because people in real life people can jump they should add jumping to the game in some form. I think as a simulation it should accurately simulate the battlefield.

However on a note of it being a game, which to all intents and purposes it still is, I think that the development time required to make such a battleship may remove crucial developers who should be fixing much bigger issues such as the entire physics system or the poor system performance.

So overall, I think for the simulation we should have them, but for the game we should wait until the game is in a playable state...

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This should not be a priority there are a lot of other basic stuff that needs fixing FIRST!

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many basic stuff that people wanted ever since arma 1 needs to be here.

And bigbigcheese: jumping is pointless

Maybe firing from vehicles would have been a better example than jumping ;)
But lets leave that to their respective threads

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firing from vehicles was one of the features that were promised for arma 3.