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Tipping Point: Mortars are too accurate, magical
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After the mortars start falling weird stuff happens.

First of all, my AI squad has decided to walk through the mortar fire.

Second, the main issue: Mortars behave like guided missiles. They can hit you and track you with increasing accuracy, even though you're running at full speed.

Seems to be more likely if you run away solo from the squad, but basically after a point the chances of you getting hit are 100%.

Considering that mortars have difficulty hitting even static targets, the fact that they can hit (and track accurately) a sprinting soldier is hard to believe.

Summary: Mortars track you specifically, and become increasingly accurate, to the point when your getting killed is certain.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
Steps To Reproduce

Play tipping point, and cross the countryside when the mortars are falling. Try separating from the squad if it isn't apparent initially (i've found that sticking with the squad reduces the tracking effect, but since my squad's walking across i/we still get hit eventually).

Additional Information

I'll probably restart the mission, but i've seen this reported elsewhere (on youtube walk-throughs) as well.


I restarted the mission, and this time my squad did run when the mortars fell, though the first time i got hit again. Reloaded the auto-save and managed to get through.

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It appears mortars were adjusted in the campaign via script. Could this be your problem?

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sorta [SPOILER]

well they certainly aren't that accurate when you're the one controlling them

@ProGamer, please elaborate. I just downloaded and played.

I restarted the mission, and this time my squad did run when the mortars fell, though the first time i got hit again. Reloaded the auto-save and managed to get through.

@arizben: Oh they're terrible when you're controlling them. Wish there was a way to adjust them.

Separate issue (again may be a random AI bug) but the second motorboat doesn't leave at the end.

I'm all for random mortar shells, I mean life's a bitch. But if shells landing on my head 10 times in a row is the result of another buggy ass script then I should be f**king pissed, considering this was released late because it had to be tested and all that.

@mepwaygame: Exactly. The shells follow you all around, and ignore the rest of your squad. Only worked properly the last time i tried (which was after a good 6 or 7 replays of the same stretch).

I'm not even sure who's spotting for the CSAT mortar team.

I have the same issue... It is impossible to evade the mortars.

This should be improved as of the latest dev branch update. However, keep in mind: the mortars are intended to be a threat. If you stand still in the open, they will eventually kill you. Once you're in cover, however, they'll have way less of a chance.

Good to hear that!

No the problem wasn't mortars eventually killing me (that obviously should happen if i stand in one place), it was them killing ONLY in, they'd follow me, and only me, and ignore everyone else.

Standing, running, anything.

Especially true if I'd run ahead...staying with the squad would discourage this behaviour.

But, i'm merely repeating myself so i should stop. :|

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