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Losing clothes as Blufor on Multiplayer.
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You randomly lose military clothes as Blufor when, at random times, someone logs on. {F22663}


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Get some clothes.
Make someone else log in.
You should lose your clothes.
If you don't lose your clothes, ask the player or another person to log in again and again until you do.

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How do you buy clothes? What the hell are you talking about?

Sounds like a Life mission specific defect ... ?
@Roach_blaster, you should add a repro mission.

Sorry, it's not a mission specific.
I made some mistakes in the report.
It happens on Life Servers which I found it on but it also happens on Domination and any type of servers.

I have no idea what a Life mission is and I don't play Domination either, but I saw this thing happening on our own server just yesterday.
The mission was a little coop thingy made by myself, nothing fancy, also no extra addons needed.

Is removeUniform global? If not, that could be the reason.

Remove Uniform is off

What do you mean?

I am not the server owner.
All I know is the clothes keep disappearing and it's because of the ArmA3 coding in the latest update.
My server owner said that he tried everything including the removeUniform thing.
I just want it to be fixed and it's not server specific since it happened on other servers too such as a Domination servers some friends play on.

So, is removeUniform a global command? Does anybody know?

AD2001, Im not using removeuniform on players, u dont understand, for example if u will drop your unifrom, and then pickup another one, u will lose it when other players will join the BLUFOR. If you wont drop it and stay with stock clothes - u will lose it also.


Yeah, that's bug.

Also all BLUFOR players and AI will lose the uniform.

I was playing on a server with a friend and all of a sudden his cloths went missing ?! I don't know why this is happening but i would love for it to be fixed in the next update :)

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Our group is experiencing the same issues since last update. Sometimes ammo disappears as well along with the uniform.

We've tried everything. Changing code, running different missions, running different server, going through our members' mod-installs with a fine comb. We're just now working on reinstalling our server fresh.

What happened to the commands? Did something change since update or is it just broken?

Arctor added a comment.Nov 4 2013, 7:45 AM

I can confirm it does NOT happen to an editor-placed unit's uniform. It does however happen for ALL units (not just blufor) receiving their uniform through script.

We tried not using removeUniform, this did not help. The problem seems therefor to be with addUniform...

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L3TUC3 added a comment.Nov 4 2013, 7:42 AM

This is one hilarious bug.

I found this error on my mission. I upload the file with the mission.
Step to reproduce. Host the mission on coop multiplayer and see the cops naked...

This bug happens when:

A unit that has an addUnform code running on them joins the server which will lead to -> all other units that has an addUniform code on them will lose their uniform.

For example:

All units has this code running on them:

_unit = _this select 0;
_unit addUniform "uniform class";

When ever a player joins, every other player will lose their uniform.

This bug was introduced when ARMA3 stable was patched to 1.04 (the first part of the campaign patch).

The work around is running the gear scripts locally:

_unit = _this select 0;
If (local _unit) then {
_unit addUniform "uniform class";

This will NOT cause other units to lose their uniform.

Might be related to #0015298.