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Sector Module is NOT jip compatible
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When using the sector module in a Multiplayer environment the jip functionality is not present.
The tasks will SOMETIMES be correct for jips.
But the actual sector area markers and Sector map Icons will not show for jips.

There is an error that always shows when a sector is give a side
13:31:21 Error Undefined variable in expression: _colorpreset
13:31:21 File A3\functions_f\GUI\fn_displayColorGet.sqf, line 82

A player who IS NOT jip will see the sector map areas with the respective colours but they do not see any colour change in the HUD sector Icons.

A player who IS jip will only see the task icon markers.


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission using the sector module and some players.
run on a dedicated server.
Set server to be persistent.
Join server and start the mission.
leave server then rejoin.

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Should be fixed now, was caused by markers not being JIP compatible.

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Yes seems to be working now as expected

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