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Missions not getting updated in the editor
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Missions randomly decide to stop updating upon saving and or preview.


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It would be nice to get a response on this. Telling me it's on my end, or it's being looked into, or it's a known problem. Thanks.

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So no one will even acknowledge this? LOL

Well ... maybe it's previewing the other mission with the exact same name, and taking you back to the "saved" state.

What have you done to troubleshoot this problem?
Did you try cleaning up some of these directories?

Yes. Cleaning up pbos in all directories was the first thing I did. Also, I can delete said mission pbo, go into the game and preview it without saving and it works fine. As soon as I save the mission, it reverts back to when it stopped updating. It's really weird to say the least, as I've on numerous occasions got rid of ALL pbos on my computer... to no avail.

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This issue is very annoying. I've experienced it aswell. Maybe a corrupt install / files or something? idk.

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Resolved with Eden Editor.

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