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Disable extended Armor by default
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Many players do not realize extended armor exists. This leads to many unforeseen problems that these players experience. It should be disabled by default and only enabled if the player opts into it when first playing the game. The lowest difficulty setting would be the only one to have extended armor enabled.


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Agreed. Can't recall how many threads about "invincible soldiers" I've seen on the forums.

Yeah, this way people think you need 10 headshots from a 9 mm to kill a person, when you actually need only 8.

AFAIK you need only one headshot to kill someone without an helmet using a 9mm.

Apparently extended armor is only for players, not for AI.

I was always wondering why AI repeatedly takes 3-5 rifle rounds without even flinching. The cause is different.

Without extended armor, a 9mm through the head kills for me.

Extended armor (damage reduction for player and the members of his group) will be limited to Recruit in the upcoming dev branch update. Other presets have the option disabled and not changeable.

I've spent numerous hours trying to find information about this feature but it is really unclear.

Does armor=1 only affect friendly infantry? Or friendly infantry and vehicles? How does it work in multiplayer? What if you're having a PVP between two sides, which side gets the bonus from the feature?