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In community DUWS mission, AI will not engage other side
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I'm using the popular 'Dynamic Universal War System' mission, version 0.75, available on Steam Workshop and also discussed here:

This is a mission that creates various enemy hotspots around Altis; in my particular configuration, 16.

In this scenario, the enemy won't engage me, and my team won't engage them. This apparently happens from starting a mission. Bizarrely if I use a helicopter (e.g. the Pawnee) to shoot at them, sometimes they return fire.

The author of this map puts the blame for this at BI's door. There is also a reference to a fogging issue, already on the tracker: - however in this later instance of the mission, fog is apparently disabled, and indeed none is visible.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Subscribe to DUWS via Steam Workshop
  2. Begin the mission
  3. When given the configuration screen, select the defaults and 16 enemy locations
  4. Go to the commander inside the base structure, and request another unit
  5. Take this unit and travel to an enemy zone by any means
  6. Observe the enemy failing to attack you
  7. Order the other friendly unit to attack a particular soldier
  8. Observe the other friendly unit failing to engage


  1. As above but travel to said zone in a helicopter (increase the starting points available to buy this)
  2. Observe the enemy failing to attack you
  3. Open fire on a particular soldier with the helicopter's guns
  4. Observe that some fire is occasionally returned

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I experienced those problems too. I think, thats not BIS main fault because DUWS uses a lot of scripts in the background.

The author of the mod is responsible for those issues, because I didn't experienced thoses issues in vanilla (unmodded) Arma3.

I'm sorry, but

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Hi, we can't fix user-made mods/missions. This issue must be fixed by author of the mod or author can report vanilla game's issue which is responsible for this behaviour.

We are very sorry, but there is a lot of mods and we don't have resources to check all broken mods created by users.

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Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Fair enough - I do understand the nature of the relationship with third party content, but hoped this might be picked up as a fundamental.

I'll try and liaise with the developer to at least get some information about the failed state of the AI units.

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