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Power of light differ with FSAA setting
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Something is definitely off with the night lighting after light shafts update.
This bug also can be seen on attached flashlights.
This bug is now on the main branch too.
Video -
New info appeared, that bug can be fixed with enabling of FSAA of any kind.
New screenshots.
My friend confirmed this happening on his pc too.
More info.


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Steps To Reproduce

Set time to night.
Spawn a car. Turn on the lights on the car.
Go and check on the lights.
Turn FSAA on and off to see the difference.

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Cannot repro in current dev build. Fixed?

It's better now, but still presented. Not as good as in old stable release before light shafts update. If you stand still it's alright, but if you're on the move, or you're moving camera - it's not alright.
I made a gif. Latest dev build -

I'm sorry to say, that I absolutely cannot repro.

I simply started the "Night mission" showcase, where you move along the water and see the lighthouse - no flickering whatsoever.

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it could be the same thing that happens on the airport
as on the airport the small position lights are disappearing when they are only fitting a single pixel on the screen (even if the lightbubble they create is larger)

i also could imagine that the graphical options are important in this case (as its a graphical bug) so posting your settings could help fireball

Well I can start, but other should follow, so we can compare:

Card: AMD Radeon HD 7970
Driver: Catalyst 13.11
Res: 1920x1080

Video Settings: All on highest Settings (Ultra or High) except HDR is Standard
FSAA: 4x
Aniso: Ultra
SSAO: Very High
Caustics: Enabled

Bloom: 42 (might matter?)
DoF: 27
Rad Blur: 81
Rot Blur: 29
I recorded a video, latest dev build.
You can barely see this flickering but it's still there.

I still cannot repro, can you start off running down your video settings for us?

So I made another video showing what I'm talking about. First part of the video contains a stable arma 3 0.76 release before the light shafts update. Second part of the video is the latest dev build (1.09.114092).
Video -
My settings -

X39 added a comment.Jan 23 2014, 6:34 PM

... no wonder the light is flickering when you disabled your AA processing (FSAA in this case)

PPAA is applied AFTER the game scene has been rendered
meaning that the FSAA is one of those AA methods wich will also smooth your light while PPAA is not (well ... it is too but in a different way which is the reason why you see the flickering)

Enable FSAA and check if its still happening (if yes then keep cool ... its expected for all video games which got such light)

I know how different types of AA work but this is strange. Previous builds didn't have this issue, so it can be fixed, I think.
Yes, when you enable 2x FSAA this bug goes away.
Changing or disabling PPAA method does nothing in terms of this flickering.

Also, some lights are still flickering (light house) even with FSAA.

Hmm, now I uploaded a video to prove that it wouldn't flicker for me in current 1.10 stable, but yeah, got ninja'd with the FSAA (

Lighthouse doesn't flicker to me either:
So, should this be fixed or not?
This problem is not presented in early builds before light shafts update.

Ok, please do me a favor and improve your description, make paragraphs in your description and include the FSAA setting in the title and make up clear repro steps.

I cleared some misleading info and updated the title.

Any new info, guys?

I cannot reproduce the flickering. It is most probably hardware related. Would it be possible to upload your DX-Diag?

It's finally fixed in 1.44
"Fixed: Sun was getting brighter with higher levels of FSAA".
FSAA level was not only affecting sun but light in general.

Can't close the ticket for some reason. Says "Access denied".