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Make "DayZ" items inventory items
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The current batch of "DayZ" items are basically just objects that can be placed into the world. It would be great if they could also become inventory items.

Reasoning: Things like the bandages, pain killers and Defibrillator could be used for an advanced scripting-only medical system


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They aren't, it's only vehicle classes that can be placed in the world, not items that you can have in your inventory

This is the wrong place to request features for DayZ. You should probably reword your feature request so that it's not directly coupled to DayZ.

For example: Allow creation of custom inventory items.

FYI sitrep 00030 stated that DayZ items are available in dev branch as of today.


KevsnoTrev, micovery

Did you actually bother to read what I wrote ?

micovery: The dev build now contains "DayZ" items, i.e. items taken from DayZ that are basically placeable objects. This feature request has absolutely NOTHING to do with DayZ, that's why I put the "DayZ" items in quotes, basically because the items have been announced as items taken from DayZ.

KevsnoTrev: Yes, I know that they are in the SITREP states that they are in the dev branch, and they are in the dev branch, just as CfgVehicle classes, i.e. static objects that can be placed. The feature request asks for them to be available as CfgWeapon classes so they can be used as items in your inventory.

And honestly, I don't know why the heck people vote these features down ?


Thanks for clarifying. You should be more explicit in the feature requests, and give examples, etc ... to avoid this sort of confusion.

Regardless, making a specific set of CfgVehicles into inventory items is not be the right approach. BIS should instead provide a generic way for developers (without using mods) to add and remove custom entries from inventory (and containers in general), and allow us to set:

  • icon/picture
  • Name
  • Description
  • Amount
  • Weight

In addition, there should be event handlers for when such items are removed by player from inventory.

A lot of missions make their own inventory management systems in parallel with the in-game built-in inventory because of the lack of APIs to define custom inventory items (without mods).

You should be more explicit in the feature requests, and give examples

It's the Arma 3 feedback tracker, so excuse me if I assume that people would know that it's related to Arma3 and now DayZ.

I'm sorry, the title alone says it all. I can not understand what I should make more explicit.

And honestly, what's with the downvoting ? Would one of you downvoters be so kind an actually say WHY you vote it down ?

The title sounds pretty clear to me. Especially after reading the description.

I would imagine the reason behind the downvotes is that people think other issues are more important than this. Operating on the assumption that an issue with a higher ratio of upvotes to downvotes will get a higher priority from BIS.

There is no secret there are enough DayZ haters among Arma fans. I guess some are just hardcore haters, downvote anything that has DayZ in it.

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Hopefully this will get some attention.


Anyway, if BIS won't take care of it, I will :p I already applied the jerrycan to the cfgMagazines so it can be equipped in the inventory.

8 downvotes. I do not get it. Why?