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Add scripting command to disable individual stances (up, middle, down)
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With the setUnitPos command, you can make an AI remain in one of three stances, standing, crouched and prone. But it would also be useful to limit the stances available to an AI.

I suggest a new command which would let the mission designer prevent the AI from using a certain stance, or stances. Examples:

unit1 allowUnitPos ["UP", "MIDDLE"]; -- allows the unit to stand and crouch, but not go prone.

unit1 disableUnitPos "DOWN"; -- singular version of the command just disabling the prone stance.


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This is important. This way mission makers will be able to prevent, for example, from units placed in buildings to go prone, clip their rifle through the wall and shoot.

+1 this command should extent to playable units as well. Will benefit SP and MP. For example if mission maker wishes to disable prone in certain situations.

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Good to see the smart chaps on this ticket! :) +1 This would be a wonderful feature!

enableProne / enableCrouch / enableStand would be welcome additions!

What about all the stances in between though?

The AI doesn't use those.

Can confirm, AI don't appear to use these at all.

This isn't possible? If you're playing as zeus you can lock an AI unit to a stance, so the script must be here somewhere.

No, you can script a unit to use one of the three stances. But he'll use that stance ONLY. You may wish to allow an AI to use two stances but disable one of them.

Prime example: I hate it when the AI goes prone in close quarters, like in a town. I'd like to restrict them to crouching and standing in that kind of situation.