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Remove the hardware-based graphics limiter
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Because performance is already a limit. There is no need to have another limiter. If people want to tweak every possible setting even if it's not recommended, let them do it. This is a PC game, not some sort of bad console port, so I think we should be able to.

Sometimes certain settings even downgrade automatically while you are playing, but that's not the right way to solve performance issues.

My suggestion is: remove the limiter and the auto-downgrade completely. And eventually add a pop-up warning screen which tells you that some settings are not recommended for your computer.


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(Only if you have a 1 GB VRAM card)

Go to the graphics settings
Notice that some settings don't show up (usually you can't put texture quality to ultra)

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I could run the game at no performance hit using unlocked ultra settings, back when it was possible on my 550 Ti (1GB VRAM).

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So annoying I want play in Very high but every each play the game just down gray the texture at first is fine at base in mission

but in combat all of sudden it's change to low texture

but Configure Video display it's Veryhigh :(

Oh yeah i noticed this post Altis. Annoying indeed, since it causes stuttering.

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Duplicate of #0014366.

These features should not be removed. They should be option settings though.

jazz added a comment.Dec 18 2013, 3:32 PM

I too have this issue running and I7 2600K 8G RAM and an Asus 560ti and it is infuriating. I should be deciding what my machine is capable of here not ARMA. If I wanted to know what arma thinks I would press the AUTODETECT button.

This issue has actually made me not want to play the game and the issue was not as bad when I first bought it.

Please fix this issue Bohemia, Please. I will be getting a gtx 780 soon and if it still does it with that I will be seriously annoyed.

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I agree with ProGamer. I wouldn't want them to be removed entirely but as an option for someone that wants to take a chance on performance (overclockers, etc.) or possibly damaging their vid card it should certainly be an option.

FrankHH added a subscriber: FrankHH.May 7 2016, 5:02 PM

There is a thing called autodetect if you want the game to decide for you.

Yup, and it's a great way to get settings that should be fairly playable. But that does not mean that anything is ever pushed all the way to the limiter. TL;DR there are differences between auto-detect, the limiter, and hog wild.

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should certainly be replaced with a warning and recommendation

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I don't know how the engine handles these things, but im fairly certain that disabling such a limiter would result in an out-of-memory exception (CTD). Or even worse: invisible (or pink :D) objects/effects.

i was fake gtx550ti ddr3 2gram avlible ultra texture
now gtx750 ddr5 1gram not avlible ultra texture wtf...

and only half use GPU and CPU even automatic down texture for what?????

Peter added a comment.Nov 16 2014, 6:00 PM

Yeap. Upvoted. Should be optional.

Still waiting on a fix for this. After a few minutes in game my textures suddenly change to Arma 1 quality...

Optionally, but should be added.