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Sound of falling bodies is missing
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StJimmy added a subscriber: StJimmy.May 7 2016, 5:00 PM

I'm still wondering today what that even meant in the changelog.

This is a much missed feature from OFP.

Is there any sound feature added lately that isnt added already broken

It's not an OFP feature. Everything worked just fine in Arma 2.

Apparently sounds are present in game files but they not working for some reason. :(

After watching the video now I know why Arma 3 sounds soundless sometimes. It's still unanswered why this was added but not really added?

1.52 still true.

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Agree, there is mod for that, its is adding scream sounds as well, cant play without it. Catch:

1.60 still not fixed.

1.62 still true.

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