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AI Armored platoon consistenly getting stuck for trivial movement across terrain
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(Combined) Armored AI platoon is tasked to perform "trivial" move, in Combat state, from Gravia Airport to their first waypoint near Zaros, several kms across the Altis plains.
In six attempts, at least one vehicle and sometimes two vehicles got stuck on obstacles, often with 2km from the starting point.
Screen shots & repro mission attached.

Expected behavior:

  • AI drivers either avoid obstacles, or get unstuck (random moves, physics impulse, teleport, drive through obstacle) in order RELIABLY perform their part of a mission

Observed behavior:

  • AI drivers get stuck. Once stuck driver doesn't recognize being stuck. Driver doesn't attempt to get unstuck. Platoon leader doesn't order driver to abandon vehicle. Mission significantly delayed or hanging if this platoon's move is part of a synchronized action.

Just to reiterate: this is serious problem for mission makers (community and BI) since missions with vehicles don't play out reliably.
{F22345} {F22346} {F22347} {F22348}


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load mission (1 group, 1 waypoint).
  2. Start mission.
  3. (As gunner) Change to map view.
  4. (Speed up mission time if you aren't the patient type of person)
  5. Spot vehicle no longer moving on the map
  6. Change to vehicle's gunner position to see problem.
Additional Information

Versions: 1.03.110425 (4 runs, 5 vehicles stuck), 1.03.110488 (2 runs, 2 stuck).

Problem is worse with wheeled vehicles, which lack the weight and traction to crash through some of the obstacles.

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Kreu added a subscriber: Kreu.Jul 28 2016, 7:20 PM

I can confirm that this issue is still valid in 1.68.

AI drivers running tracked and wheeled vehics onto obstacles while they have plenty of space to bypass.

It should be simple for BIS to write a mission with tons of vehics of different kind, run between wayponts in different modes and report if vehics are stucking.

Analysis could show if obstacles are not reacting properly or if pathfinding is poor or AI driving.

My record says that I loose in CTI still 10% plus due to AI driver skills (means damaged or killed), much more problems appear due to the simple fact that I discover often to late that a vehicle is stucking for a long time already.

Looble added a subscriber: Looble.Jun 26 2017, 8:41 PM

Have been having the same issue, any vehicle with a native weapon e.g. Hunter GMG will not move at all when given a command. When a group starts outside the vehicle and the "get in" waypoint is given, the group leader will get into the vehicle and the rest of the group will return to formation. Normally unarmed vehicles e.g. Standard Hunter will move as intended but the issue with the Get In waypoint still exists. Finally when starting with a team already occupying a vehicle the group leader (regardless of the next waypoint) will immediately order that 1 or 2 soldiers disembark which makes no sense. The units do not respond to the order which causes the vehicle to remain stationary.

This was all found in Eden Editor and persisted after uninstalling and reinstalling the game and across various maps. Standard all infantry groups moving on foot are not affected.

Igneous001 added a subscriber: Igneous001.EditedApr 2 2018, 6:20 PM
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