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AI fires at enemy camo nets
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Unfortunately this is still not fixed, while it really messes up missions and general gameplay.

AI will constantly fire at opposition side camo nets with everything they got. Totally wasting the ammo on stupid nets.

In missions this happens too. You are driving in a panther for example with AI crew, AI gunner spots a cammo net and waste all the ammo of the panther. Even giving the order 'no target' does not make the AI stop. I totally brakes missions and makes gerneral gameplay and mission making very annoying.

And on a side note, Snakes are still classed as civils which messes up triggers.


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place some camo nets on the map, place AI on the map and watch them go full beserk at the nets.

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yep, nasty bug

As stupid and annoying as it is, it's pretty funny.

why are you putting enemy cammo nets and expect AI to ignore them?

@Killzone_Kid, so you're shooting at a camo net with everything you have? Every time you see it?

They are ENEMY camo nets. AI will shoot them until they are destroyed it is logical. Why they dont get destroyed sooner is another question.

They are ENEMY camo nets. AI will shoot them until they are destroyed it is logical. Why they dont get destroyed sooner is another question.

Again, will YOU be shooting at empty camo net?

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Killzone 'kid', it is obviously not normal that they go mental at nets, even more if they give it a priority over killing hostile AI and that they ignore 'no target' orders if you tell the AI to stop.

Just like in ArmA 2 they should leave buildings/objects alone and shoot at AI, I don't think the camo net will shoot back.

Camo net is probably high value target, otherwise why enemy would want to hide something of no value, it is understandable from strategic point of view.

Also camo net is not a container, how does AI know it is empty? It is a vehicle and it is enemy and it sole purpouse is to conceal military assets

Killzone, it is a bug. Don't go making up a story on how it is supposed to be this way while it is not.

AI shooting at enemy assets is not a bug. AI not being able to destroy enemy cammo net promptly probably is.

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Yeah mmilitary really likes to spend some grenades on those nets when they just could drive over them...

I don't understand how it is even a question... it is a f**king CAMOUFLAGE NET. It poses absolutely no threat to anybody. In fact, it is just as useful to your team as it is the opposing team. If the vehicles see someone hiding behind the net, it would be logical to shoot at it. What they do now is about as logical as a tank shooting every time they see grass or bushes, to kill any potential hiding infantry.

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I used camonets during my military service for breaking the silhouette of the station's radio antenna, comms vehicle and our tent, but also used it for some crates and water canisters. Those supplies sure are extremely high-valued targets and should be engaged instead of enemy infantry...

This is a silly bug and has absolutely zero correlation with the reality. Camonet doesn't mean it's a high-value target, especially when there are direct threats nearby as well... What matteris is what's inside of it. A heap of supplies? Ignore it. Manned IFV? Engage!

Here is a quiz for ya all. Imagine you are a tank commander (IRL), you spotted enemy camo net. You are 100% sure it is the enemy camo net. You cannot see what is under, because it is masked by the net, you cannot send a recon to gather intel. What do you do?

a. Rush and roll over it like an idiot
b. Ignore it
c. Fire at it

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I would tell my gunner to waste all the tank ammunition, that's what tank commanders do IRL too.
Please use irony tags whereever you want.

It's a bug and like many other bugs it yet again takes ages to get it fixed.

Answer d: report it to your superior if relevant. Inform your gunner that you have spotted an enemy camo net, but can't see what's under it. If you can't see what's under it why on earth you should order the gunner to fire there (read what I posted earlier)?

Here's a real life quiz for you: image you are a squad leader and you spot an enemy camp. No matter what you order your subordinates to do, they just keep firing at the camo nets...

So you want AIs behave like humans but don't really want them to behave like humans. I get it, camo nets should be ignored even though humans will not ignore them.

@Xeno surely you mean sarcasm tags not irony

If "not shooting" is ignoring, then yes: AI should definitely ignore them. Humans won't fire at them, neither should AI.

You're trying to be clever with your words. Not working. Human players will also react if they see a burning campfire in the middle of a forest. It could be an enemy camp, and extreme caution should be used when approaching one. What will the AI do? Well, if the waypoint goes past the camp, so will the AI group. You can never take every single thing into concideration. It's an impossibility to make AI as smart as (some) humans can be. But even if it's an impossibility, it doesn't mean they should do stupid s*** like firing at camo nets until they run out of ammo.

Admit you were wrong, stand corrected and let us all move on. :P

I'm not arguing for the sake of arguing or because I don't want to be wrong. I believe there is a sound reason for AIs to engage camo nets which I explained at least twice already. Making AIs completely ignore camo nets no matter what is wrong. If AIs were to engage enemy camo nets and destroy them promptly there would be no problem. The problem is that AI is determined to destroy camo nets but camo nets just don't die.

BTW downvote is not mine.

@KillZone Kid
We have two easy options:

  • AI will engage camo nets
  • AI will not engage camo nets

Not engaging will be much better alternative, because that's what humans would do. There's absolutely ZERO reason to engage a camo net that doesn't have anything inside or a camo net that you don't know what's under it. No soldier in real life would start to shoot AT camo net. Read my earlier post to know why. After that we have two other options:

  • AI will react to camo nets
  • AI will not react to camo nets

Of course it would be better if AI would react to camo nets and start to scan the general direction where he saw the nets. However, same goes for burning camp fires, empty vehicles, open doors, 9001 inventory objects put out of place (cargo containers in the middle of a forest for example). Unfortunately it's an impossibility, and to be honest not relevant to this ticket.

Surely I can't play with this kid or man

There's absolutely ZERO reason to engage a camo net that ... you don't know what's under it

I think I'm just going to stop taking what you say seriously.

*sigh* I said earlier that camo nets are used for other than high-value targets! Are you seriously going to spend 30 sabot, 10 HE and some thousands round of coax ammo so you can destoy enemys food supplies..?
Whatever, kid... ;)
Go to army and start shooting some camo nets & get a promotion for your excellent service...

Whatever, kid... ;)

Well this is not nice of you to assume I'm a kid just because of my username. Asshole comment carefully hidden behind a smiley aside, what is your problem with my point of view? Can you tolerate different points of view? It is not like because I think that AI should engage enemy camo nets will stop developer from looking into this issue. Or maybe deep down you know I'm right somewhere and afraid the developer can see this too? Nah, of course not.

I indeed can tolerate other opinions as long as they are either backed up with evidence or solid arguments are used.

Now, while we're at it, could you give me a source showing me that real-life military shoots at camo nets, no matter what's inside of it, or could you start to use solid arguments why AI should keep wasting their ammo and ignore other contacts? No? Thought so...

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Voted Up

Just a few thoughts,
A. maybe make camo nets NOT assigned to a faction, just camo net 0,1,2.
B. ban members from the feedback tracker if they dont abide by certain behaviour criteria....we could only wish.

@Gekkibi I will reply to this. I explained what the problem was, but you choose to ignore it. Let me repeat it. It is the speed with which camo nets are destroyed, which leads to the extensive waste of ammo. AI will shoot at enemy until it is dead or they ran out of ammo. I wouldn't be surprised you can destroy camo net with one round IRL. Anyway, this is my last response to you, you've earned it.


I'm hoping we could still have different colors for different factions (so a total of 9 camo nets are required).

How much camo nets can take damage is irrelevant if AI will keep shooting _AT_ the camo nets instead what's inside of them... Camo nets themselves should never be a target. If there's a vehicle inside the camo net then AI should target THAT instead of the camo net (and after that the damage issue starts to be a problem).

zGuba added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 10:35 PM

Shoot first, ask questions later approach isn't working out well in this situation. If I wanted AI to fire at empty camo net, I would have placed invisible target for it to shoot at.

Of course, we can always take in account that tents, sandbags and camo nets can return fire, but personally I wouldn't expect them to do so.

B00tsy added a comment.Oct 2 2013, 8:29 AM

Killzone, place some ammo boxes on the map and see how the opposite side do not fire at ammo boxes... yet they go completely nuts when they see a camo net and stop listening to orders from the team/squad leader and choose to fire at the nest over AI troops. That should be a good hint that this is a bug. Also in arma2 AI did not fire at nets nor other military objects.

I personally think that new nets should be made from scratch instead of these copy/paste nets from arma2. The vehicle covers can not even be used for vehicles, because the arma3 military vihicles are to high for the nets. If you place a panther (or whatever) under the vehicle cover, the cover brakes down on the floor. they are useless for their purpose thus.

Stang69 made a good point. The covers should be classed as 'empty' side and not a faction side. (both sides have identical nets anyway, they are just classed different.

I'm not arguing for the sake of arguing or because I don't want to be wrong.

You're doing exactly that, Killzone_Kid ;) Sometimes it is better to admit your mistake than keeping arguing because of fear to look stupid...
Which is exactly what happens when you ignore direct questions ;)

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