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Steam workshop missions and savegames couldn't play offline
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If I try to play a scenario arma3 try to update all scenarios from the workshop but if I have no internet connection it load until 7% but not more so I can't play and load scenarios in Steam offlinemode(no Internet connection)

Because of that there is no scenario available, therefore it's not possible to load the savegames.

I would suggest to add a load button in the mainmenu, at the moment its very uncomfortable and confusing :) (should not require an update of the steam-workshop scenarios)

sorry for my bad english :)


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steam Workshop
Steps To Reproduce
  1. disable your internet connection
  2. start steam (offline mode)
  3. start arma3
  4. click on scenarios
  5. wait :) (it will stop at 7%)

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why we cannot play Steam workshop missions without internet???
fix it

The offline support for workshop missions is in the game since December.

Currently, the mission DOES NOT get downloaded when you click subscribe. It only gets downloaded when you start playing it for the first time. Once it's dowloaded, you can go offline and continue playing/restart it.

Sorry but this has not been resolved as I have had this issue on the 16th and 17th of December 2013, I have played all the missions several times and I cannot play them without an internet connection

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@MiB: The offline mode seems to be working on random missions - I have tried in on several missions from workshop (ie: Ground Attack) and it worked. Perhaps I am missing something specific in certain missions. Please, provide steps to reproduce including

  • missions that do not work (Workshop URL)
  • game version

I will reproduce and provide info again, thanks

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