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Character get too tired(stamina)
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After walking afew seconds the player starting to breath like a cow and they are soldiers, trained one. and they dont have any stamina at all.


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How much equipment you got?

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yes the player get tired soon and cann't continue to sprinting

doesnt matter you still get tired with low equipment too fast! not realistic at all!

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even when you walk slowly (with C) and don't dont even climb hills, you still get tired extremely fast

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Yesterday I disembarked from an APC after a three minute drive and my guy was breathing heavily. Needs fixing.

breathing should be changed:

but not movement speed, personally i very much like current speed, limited sprint and pace of the game

But it isnt real atleast for a real soldier. and if to make it realsitic the crouch walking should waste more stamina but not like this. you'r walking 10 sec you'r breathing like a cow and cant aim normaly for a ten sec

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Just run top of the airport control tower (four floors) and the character is dying there. If a soldier runs 100m it is already dead in this game because stamina is gone :D

The problem here is not that the sound is annoying, the problem is that you cant aim at all.

Couch potato soldiers with bad lungs.

I dont know why they changed stamina/speed, was nice in the previous version. They will lose players because of that.

i hope soon they will fix that with new update.


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Review of new fatigue system

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Explains why current fatigue system is realistic

I like that there is a penalty for heavy loads in the game. I think this is important. However, the animation slow-down is exaggerated at the moment. Soldiers look like they're running in slow-motion or in a reduced gravity environment.

Soldiers in real life carry massive amounts of gear. weapons are heavy, ammunition is *extremely* heavy (it's full of lead), helmets are heavy, they are wearing plate carrier rigs (their vests have one of these in the front and back: (it's a massive armor plate).
Nobody could sprint long carrying this gear. All of you who say the soldiers are 'out of shape' and 'couch potatoes' need to strap on 45+ kilos of gear and see how you like running.

I think they need separate animations for that. But I don't think that will happen. Because then they will basically be saying that they have the time and resources for that, and that means they can't use that excuse for not putting women in the game any more (which is a separate hot topic) :3

I am 900% positive you posed that on the wrong ticket

@ Demongod - They're not carrying "extremely heavy stuff" they're polygon men, they're carrying math formulas.

Also you can never be more than 100% sure, but that still doesn't mean you're right.

If you want to be that way, they are carrying math formulas designed to replicate the stress that would be caused in real life by carrying around 1/2 of your body weight all the time. I don't understand how that changes my argument at all.

Are you implying that Arma is a simulator? Because it isn't

No, I am fully aware that it is not a simulator. It is a video game that strives to be much closer to reality than most other video games do, and part of that is having a fatigue model that accurately represents the consequences of carrying heavy loads. I don't understand why you guys complain, it's not that big a deal. It's hardly any different from the previous versions, you just can't carry a Titan MPRL *and* a Zafir 7.62, you gotta manage your load as you would in real life, and if you hold down your weapon and jog instead of run, you hardly get tired at all.

Good video Renz. The fatigue is punishing when you don't take it in account BUT when you take it in account it is very manageable. I played 2h of domination and I didn't even get over 60% fatigue on that session.

^ This is exactly what I mean. As long as you are conscious of your load, movement speed, stances, terrain, etc, it is not at all difficult to stay below 60%. It's just a new system you guys need to get used to, it actually works great.

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