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Audio device does not change after game start
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When you launch the game, it uses whatever audio device is currently active/default. If you want to change the audio device, the game doesn't change to the new audio device.

I'm using both a USB headset and earphones that go into the audio jack. If the computer has the USB headset defaulted, and you go change the audio output to the earphones, you don't hear the game in the earphones. And vice versa.


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When the game starts, if you alt-tab and change your audio device from the playback devices such as changing from speaker to USB headset, the game audio will stay on the 1st device used at start.

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vote down sorry! because I opened game and in editor played as soldier, the sound was working then I put may headset in line in jack and sound continues working on headset, I put out headset and sound works by speakers

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Did you plug the headset into the jack on your speaker (which most speakers have AFAIK) or the jack on the computer?

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Would be very cool if they included the sound device selection in the audio settings which could be changed on the fly.


illogical downvote.
I put in my "steps to reproduce" to change audio output. You do it via the playback devices from within the operating system, not plug and unplug a headphone via the jack. Plugging in the earphones via the jack is basically the same output as the computer's speakers; at least for me it is...

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I would also benefit from this, since I use a USB headset too.

Voted up!

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