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Aircrafts with two seats
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In the Future, it would be fantastic to see multi-seat variants of the ALCA and other aircraft with two seats. Gunner/Copilot and Pilot. This would bring upon a much more realistic, and importance feel to fixed with aircraft instead of just having it be one person. This would bring upon some immersion, and even maybe good on training others how to use these vehicles. Was also something lacking in Arma 2, as the SU-34 was the only 2 seat, and the L-96ZA was a two seat, but had only one seater option. It'd be nice if BI could bring the Trainer version of the Yak-130 or, To-199, with a 2 seater version. Would look, really really good in game.


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Here is an example of a two seat model, with only one seat option from Arma 2...

It would take time, but BI could possibly give this model a nice new polishing, and add a gunner/second seat in the empty seat in the back, new cockpit and give it the AAF paint.

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BIS is currently working on two planes for NATO and CSAT (one for each faction). They might possibly perhaps maybe have a two seater version.

I mean, it would not only look amazing, it would make Arma 3 feel so much better. I mean it would fit in perfectly to have two seater variants to add more value as well, to the fixed wing assets.

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"might possibly perhaps maybe"
well, at least we're sure now :p

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The Yak-130 is very likely going to be the OPFOR jet, & it is a 2 seater :D and also a cheaper jet aircraft, perfect for Iran (CSAT, whatever)

The Yak-130 is the trainor 2 seat version. The model we've seen a picture of that BI is currently developing is the Yak-131 which is a one seat light attack variant. It would only make sense for them to make two seat aircraft, it was in Arma 2, and was great for team work.

BIS, it would be great if a Two seat version f the To-199 could be introduced, with maybe some improvements. For example more bombs, or AGM's, a camera for the gunner. It was great having a two seat fixed wing aircraft in Arma 2. Please, bring it back. You can use the same model as the To-199, and add the gunner seat.

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I don't understand why fixed wing aircrafts need 2 pilots. They have such speed that it will make second pilot useless. The only one fact it will be good for - training.
But I want to see more aircrafts in game. That is why - upvoted!

They had 2 seats in the SU-34 in Arma 2. In fact, it is faster is faster than the To-199, and on chernarus, which is a smaller map. I remember crossing the map 5 times in under 1 minute, and a half. Though I agree, training is one thing, because there are people who have asked me to teach them tricks/tips. It's also useful if the gunner can spot things you may not have. But it would also look really nice to have a two seated To-199.

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if i remember correctly, BIS main priority with the air vehicles after the choppers DLC would be to make cargo planes.

Really? Where did you get that information? That's be cool.

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its not information, its a guess, there is already paratrooper class and a wreck of a cargo plane.

Ahh, yes. The C-192, well hopefully. Although a two seated fighter would be much more interesting and bring back a classic, having other types of fixed wing is never a bad thing.