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Set OPFOR language to the same as Bluefor/Primary Language of the installer.
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I do not understand a single word from OPFOR AI. For immersive effects please set to the same as Bluefor (for me that is English). Don't have the AI talking in a different language, as this becomes a handicap for people who play OPFOR. I would be expected to understand the language of the other squad members. And subtitles is not a solution.


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They could add the OPTION for it. I personally love it, whatever gibberish they are speaking :D. But I can see it as a problem for somebody from English speaking countries. I hate any kind of voiceovers in TV and movies, it just breaks the immersion

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How about no?

+1 for the option, or like the greek language (english with an accent), that's the best way!

That's the horrible way.

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Problem is, blue-for can use their AI to search for enemy...where op-for get a foreign language that is worthless. I'd would expect that if I was Iranian I would understand what my comrades were saying..

I agree with OP and not only for unfair bluefor advantage.

Why not let player individualy choose if he prefers native opfor language, or other supported language.

Its just good useability.