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No Moon on Altis
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Altis is missing the moon, resulting in complete darkness when playing a night mission. The ground is completely black, the only way to see a target Is if it's on the horizon. I'm currently working on a mission and I cannot find a way to make the visibly similar to Stratis.


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Go into editor, change the time between 1900 and 0500 or whenever the sun isn't out, place a unit down, start the mission. You can see stars, but the moon is missing. Overcast and every weather effect is off.

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Unable to reproduce.

Unable to reproduce. Can you provide more specific repro steps? Thank you.

Did you try to change date on something else (for example 8th June 2035)? Moon is near to new moon on default date. You are not able to see new moon in real life either. For more info about new moon see:

I see the moon! Thanks guys, this problem has been solved, the date was set to the 28th so that explains why. I didn't realize ArmA even had a realistic moon cycle.