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AI Can still see through Grass
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AI can see and engage the player through grass


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load altis or stratis with AI present, find a hill in between you and the AI and crawl to the crest and observe when they see and shoot you.

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Adjust your view setting to turn on and off the grass to get a better perspective.

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I still dont understand why this hasnt been fixed before complete release?

Can you please create repro mission for this? Thank you.

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Consider this scenario:

AI are at the top of a relatively steep hill looking down. You are moving up or at the bottom looking up. In this scenario the AI are able to see and shoot you when you cannot physically see them (from first person mode)

I have experienced this in both A2 and A3

Addendum: Your stance doesn't matter to the AI. They always seem to catch you out when you cannot physically see them.

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Its very easy to prove this is a problem:

Place an enemy in front of you on a flat grassy area.
Set a waypoint with 'danger' so that he goes prone.

Now try and engage that enemy while prone.

He will ALWAYS spot you before you see him.

If you turn off grass (set ground detail to lowest) you see why.


This still appears to be true and regardless of relative position (higher, level or lower than AI) and also at varied distances (<50m to >300m). The AI usually sees through grass before the player can see them - this even when using very low stances and if 'sneaking' or 'hiding' near AI patrols.

This issue isn´t only with grass the enemy seems to ignore any kind of vegetation like bush, leafs of trees etc.

This is still a problem with latest version. Is this being investigated AT ALL?!?!?

Frustration is almost equal to enjoyment with this game!

ai behavior depends on unitpos ->

really a problem...

Still one of the most annoying things in ARMA3

AI still can see through the green plants, makes me want to give up playing..
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