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Strange anomalies is introduced on Stratis
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Looks like some 3D calculation is broken - trees, rock and other objects fly in the air, if seen from 300m or more.
Yesterday all was fine, we play some mission on Stratis with our squad. In today dev-build new bug is implemented. Pictures & video link is attached.

Hardware or software environment on my PC is not changed. On Altis all is good.


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Place youself on Stratis airport, look around.

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Geometry and grass together in the "terrain". I think these settings should be separated. In multiplayer, the "terrain" is set by the server and if the server is set "terrain" = Low, the client has the stones hanging in the air. The client must be able to increase the quality of "Geometry" regardless of the settings on the game server.

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My scrinshots was taken in singleplayer. Ultra settings, view distance at ~5km.

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Altis also affected.

"setTerrainGrid 0" fix that. Ticket can be closed.

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