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Random Death / Random Damage (Multiplayer)
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I just noticed several times in multiplayer losing some HPs for no reason.

I played 404Wasteland some minutes ago when I tried to buy some stuff at the gun store. The gun store was in a completely destroyed building with some burnt out vehicles around.

When I first entered the ruins I noticed that my HP suddenly dropped from 100 to 95 HP. I was alone there... no enemies, no suspicious sounds, no other action. I also did not fall or had other natural influences when entering the ruins.

After that I began to run around searching for more money. 5 minutes later, when I came back I used the gun store again. Suddenly my 95 HP dropped instantly to 0 and I died.

Being pissed off I quit the game and registered here ;)


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I've read several times that it could have something to do with destroyed buildings? Don't know if that is true.

I also noticed that kind of bug in Arma 2 Wasteland. It happens there more often. Even on flat terrain. Probably the same bugged source code?

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It could be mission related.

same issue on capture the island.
players take random dammage and die even when running in a field or just staying at the main respawn doing nothing. this happens more and more often the longer you stay on a same server.

reproduce by going in a server playing capture the island when the round is almost won by a side then go in the military base near the airfield.

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It is not mission related.
Some ruins can even throw you in the air.

It's note mission related, as I've experienced the same problem today on a PvP server.
1st death was at respawn location and 2nd while running across a field.
In both cases nobody shot at me from a tank or 12.7 mm sniper rifle or arty) nor was I kill by a vehicles that rolled over me. I simply died for no apparent reason.

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My guess is that since collapsing buildings deal damage, there is a glitch where destroyed buildings deal damage. Similar to those infamous burned out helicopter wrecks from alpha. I experienced this in longer MP missions, when arty has destroyed many buildings in a town and you move through it.
However it's not limited to near a building but quite random in the surrounding area. Very annoying but also rare and not easy to reproduce.

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The ruins at 229188 on Altis seem to be doing that to me consistantly

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happends mostly in Kavala and other towns surounding it

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Known issue with destroyed buildings