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Compass size issue
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The compass is MASSIVE in game and tiny in the map, it actually cover the whole soldier when its opened. The map doesn't matter as it is always orientated north.

Can we please have the option to move the compass and resize it.



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How does it cover the whole soldier if it's in front of you?

What is even the problem here? The compass is lage enough to be readable. Seems good to me.
As for the reference to the map, I don't even understand what you mean.

The compass is big on when outside the map so you can use it to call out bearings. This is something that is critical for anyone who plays ArmA 3 with a high level of strategy. I do agree the compass is small in the map and hard to read when you expand it, but seeing as most bearing orientation is done outside the map it is pretty pointless.

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The compass in the map can be resized by doubleclicking on it

I didn't know that, thanks.

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@AD2001, Have a look at the compass in game not in the map, it covers the whole soldier, unless you are playing another version than me.

@Blackmamba You don't know what I mean about map orientation then you shouldn't be playing this game.

@aidandrums That's what I'm saying, But if the compass could be moved, like we can with the layout, and resized so that people with a 50" TV don't have a 12" compass

@Humay Thanks for that tip

WHY all the down votes, I don't know, but that's your opinion.
Its not a difficult thing to sort out and if you didn't want to resize it you don't have to. But it would be nice to have that option
I like to have my compass or GPS open when I move about.

How does it cover the whole soldier if it's in front of you?

@AD2001, Have you taken too much strontium again, What are you asking?
Its simple, STEP 1. Open the compass in game.

            STEP 2. You cant see the soldier.

Ergo it covers the soldier.

Maybe I should of added this . In 3rd person.
Sorry about that.