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NVG shadows do not display in first person.
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NVG shadows on the soldiers' helmets/heads are displayed in third person but not first person.

{F22055} {F22056}


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Place rifleman in editor.

Look at your shadow.


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This issue is uniform across all helmets, and even without them. Seems NVGs just don't have shadows in 1st person.

Also, while in first person, you can see the shadow of other peoples' NVGs, just not your own.

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Upvoted. This might happen because the NVG model disappears in first person in order to not obstruct the view. A solution to this would be making the NVG invisible in FPW while still having the shadow.

All it needs a 'ShadowVolume - View Pilot' LOD I would imagine.

I noticed this and was about to report it and it hasn't been fixed for 2 years? Common BIS! It can't be hard to fix this bug.

Oh, so they just recently reviewed this ticket. I hope they fix this. No wonder sometimes when I ever I look at my shadow in first person. it just doesn't look right and I couldn't point it out with my finger and it didn't hit me at the time. That it was the NVG shadow.