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Armed Offroad's M2 has Permanent Zoom In Gunner Position.
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Pretty much what's in the summary. Very annoying, cannot be reverted by zooming out, kills situational awareness.


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Go to editor.
Spawn an offroad [armed] (Located on BLUFOR > FIA)
Move in gunner position
Notice how you're zoomed all the way in, and can't zoom out.

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Important: I also noticed that you can zoom in to absurd levels when aiming downsights. Binoculars and scopes are simply nothing compared to this.

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Duplicate of #0014699. Yes, I know this ticket was created before that one, but that one is assigned.

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Thanks a lot for information, I have adjusted the view for both iron sights and standard view to be of a naked eye. The fix should be probably available on Monday in development branch, could You, please give it a try and close this issue if it works correctly?

Related to my ticket:
I have added info on the FOV not just the zoom so I hope this has been addressed at the same time.

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