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magazinesAmmoFull command does not work as expected for all vehicles
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magazinesAmmoFull command does not return the complete set of magazines for "B_UAV_02_CAS_F". I didn't test it but it must be the same for eastern version "O_UAV_02_CAS_F".


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Steps To Reproduce

Execute following commands to see the output of the command. For UAV it doesn't return the GBU bombs.

myv = "B_UAV_02_CAS_F" createVehicle position player; hint str magazinesAmmoFull myv

myv = "I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F" createVehicle position player; hint str magazinesAmmoFull myv

Additional Information

After more testing it appears that following commands don't work either with UAVs:

getconnecteduav player setAmmo ["missiles_SCALPEL", 1] => doesn't change the number of missiles to 1

getconnecteduav player ammo "missiles_SCALPEL" => returns 0 although UAV has 6 missiles

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Also it doesn't return "Laserbatteries" in "Laserdesignator".

From some testing I've done regarding this command, it only appears to work on the "first" turret of the vehicle (Turret [0]). On vehicles with multiple "turrets" (tanks, APCs, helicopters), the command will only return magazines from the primary turret. None of the magazines from any additional turrets (commander's weapons, pilot's weapons) will be returned through this command.

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magazinesAmmoFull now returns the mags from drons but as Superxdude pointed out it still only works for turret 0 (v1.44).

magazinesAmmoFull should include all turrets and should also include the turret path as an additional info in the already returned lists:

[["300Rnd_20mm_shells",300,true,65536,"gatling_20mm", >>put turret path here<<],["2Rnd_LG_scalpel",2,true,65536,"missiles_SCALPEL", >>put turret path here<<],["2Rnd_AAA_missiles",2,true,65536,"missiles_ASRAAM", >>put turret path here<<],["2Rnd_GBU12_LGB_MI10",2,true,65536,"GBU12BombLauncher", >>put turret path here<<],["120Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",120,true,65536,"CMFlareLauncher", >>put turret path here<<]]

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