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Respawn module broken for fixed-wing aircraft
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Whenever you attempt to make planes such as the fixed-wing UAV or the Buzzard respawn you are presented with an error that the class must be "planex" instead of "airplanex." This removes the possibility of having respawning jets or UAV's in multiplayer servers. {F21943}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter the editor and place down any empty fixed-wing vehicle(plane-type aircraft) as well as a soldier from the faction of your choosing.
  2. Create a Module under the category Multiplayer > Vehicle respawn
  3. Module settings don't really matter as you are just viewing an error.
  4. Sync module to the plane.
  5. Preview, observe the error at the bottom of screen.
Additional Information

If you export to multiplayer mission, the respawn function will simply not work. Any fixed wing that gets destroyed will be gone for good.

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confirmed, respawnVehicles module giving me an error. see screenshot for details

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