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Tank main gun blasts incorrect + no felt and observed recoil.
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Added Gif to show sideways formation and travel of fireball from irl footage to additional information below.

When firing the main guns in tanks, you get no feeling of the violence of the blast.

The particle effect is also very much lacking, and more reminiscent of the black-powder charges used in the 50s to make tanks look like they were firing. A small flame at the muzzle, and a big white cloud.

It actually is a fast travelling, longitudal ball of flame that mushrooms out towards the front, with a quarter second stay time at the longest. From the front it looks like a vortex. Half a second after the blast, the barrel clearing device will blow the remaining smoke and powder out of the barrel, in the shape of a short, white puff of smoke.

Below are provided video references. {F21942}


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Place tank, fire gun, observe from all directions, wonder why it is not feeling as BANG-O as it should.

The sound could also need some overhaul, it sounds electric and rough right now.

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[IMG][/IMG] Important is the size of the fireball and the distance it travels. Entire span of this gif in the video is less than a second: the staytime is very low. Ideally, the lightsource from the blast should travel with the fireball, instead of being static at the muzzle. British Challenger MBT's. Note the complete absence of smoke apart from the puff being extracted from the muzzle and the large and -very- brief fireball. Also note the sharp, hard bang from the gun being fired. note that this is 18000 time slower. Note how the blast first expands outward (from the front it would look like a toroidal vortex) before rapidly moving right and out of the frame. The flame would then begin to dim at the back end at about the same time the forward front of the muzzle flash will have slowed down. note the ball shaped blast being ripped forward, followed by the long smoketrail from the barrel being cleared after the shot. Further, note the vehicle rocking back after the shot and the barrel recoiling. At 30 seconds, you can see particularily well how the fireball forms and travels forwards. COMPARISON video of T-100 varsuk's firing in the update from 02.10. Especially compare to the first video of the challengers firing, as far as the muzzle flash is concerned. Video of T-72s on exercise firing on the move. Shows how the relatively light tank works together with the bigger gun. Note the quickly travelling muzzleblast, and again, no large cloud of white smoke around the tank after firing.

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I was really disappointed when I first fired the gun of the Slammer and Varsuk. I must say, Arma 3 hasn't yet disappointed me as much with anything. These were some incredibly puny and shit explosions. I really hope it is just a placeholder. But unlikely, since launch is just a week away

Plus, where's the sound of the turret rotating? No servo/hydraulic sounds whatsoever that I can hear.

Sometimes I get worried that they spent all their effort on the rifle sounds and muzzle flashes. Why the rest of the guns haven't gotten the same attention, I have no Idea. The effects of Battlefield 2 are better than this, at this stage, visually. On the Audio range, games like Dragon Rising and the newer Battlefields have their nose ahead. I'm kinda miffed, honestly.

Doesn't make it a worse game, it just makes it feel like it has that Arma 2 style "We couldn't get there no matter how hard we tried" stain on it. One can hope for a miracle that resolves all the niggles, but eh, doubtful that that'll happen.

That's the reason why I am picking on these minor things right now, not the big ones anymore. Changing the visual effects should be easy, compared to adding a new attachments system.

Weren't there sounds for moving turrets in OFP? 12 years ago?

damn those are some beautiful-ass videos
please fix this bohemia.

New muzzleblasts for tanks now work, will take a screenshot and upload here for review. I think they are an improvement, but still not quite there. Can they be animated into a three to six frame animation?

There is not support for animated muzzle flash in the game right now. This would require time of engine programmer and for user it would be almost impossible to notice any animation in normal speed (not talking about slow time, there would be animation noticeable of course), because muzzle flash is very short-living.
Low priority right now.