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Suggestion: Allow easier direct fire with the self propelled artillery vehicles(Scorcher and Sochor)
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Currently, SPAs(self propelled artillery) are inadequate at engaging in direct combat, while it is possible to manually change the gun's elevation using Page Up and Page Down(and use the shift key to do these slowly), you can't know where the cannon is actually pointing at since there are no crosshairs and the view is independent from the elevation.

Even if you know where the barrel is pointing at, you can't know where the shell will drop, especially since there are(I think) different amounts of charge(I think they're set in the artillery computer[close,medium,far,extreme ranges..])

My suggestion is adding an action that lets you toggle between direct fire and indirect fire(current situation), or just always being on direct fire, and indirect fire can only be done on the ballistic computer.

In direct fire mode, the HUD should change to a tank's hud instead of artillery/mortar HUD, the barrel should point at what your targeting reticle/crosshair is pointing at.

Shells should be shot at maximum propellant/power, since you obviously need penetration.

And you should be able to zero your turret like in direct fire tank turrets, at increments of 100 m.

As for balancing: The SPAs are large enough already which would make them a high profile target, their chassis should be equivalent to their tank counterparts(Scorcher-Slammer, Socohr-T100), however the actual turret should be very vulnerable since it's very boxy, and probably thin to allow for storing ammo.
I'm not sure if they should have thermal sights, I haven't found whether they do in real life, and for the sake of balance they shouldn't have thermal sights in the game, otherwise they would pretty much dominate tanks with their GMG, HMG, direct and indirect fire.

The HUD will show you the required elevation to hit what you're aiming at, but it calculates a direct fire trajectory instead. For this reason, it won't have a minimum range for the calculation. This method makes more sense because whatever you're targeting with the HUD is in your direct line of sight, so calculating an indirect fire trajectory(like now), is redundant and makes no sense. {F21935}


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Balance? Srsly?

IMO they should have NV and thermal sights.

And BTW, the range adjustment in the artillery computer isn't power, but elevation, AFAIK.

Actually, You CAN judge where your shells will land. when you aim the crosshairs at a point, you get several numbers... on the left, you get range, and time to impact for that point, on the right, you get the current elevation of your gun, and the "REL" number tells you what elevation you SHOULD use to hit the point under your crosshairs.... it's already easy enough.

Now, with that said, there is some variation as to where rounds will impact, and this is intentional in the game.

The HUD version of the targeting computer has a MINIMUM range that it will calculate elevation and TTI numbers though. Below this minimum, it's pretty much just guess work as far as I know..

Self propelled artillery really wasn't meant for direct fire though, even though it is more than capable.

SPA's were designed to fill a specific role, which is to provide fast, mobile indirect fire on fixed/mobile enemy positions with a small crew. SPA's can stop, setup, fire, break down and be ready to move again in just a matter of a few minutes, and catch back up to their unit.
With field artillery like the M109 or the M777, they can still do this, but it takes much longer (15 - 30 minutes) and requires a larger crew per gun.

I've attached an image above, that might help you, and anyone else having the same trouble. Hope it helps!

UPDATE: On the image, the number at the top of the hud "015" on my image I had listed as the direction of the turret. But I'm not sure if this is accurate. On my game, the number never changes, no matter what direction the turret is facing.

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I know that you can find elevation in the HUD, but this method uses an indirect fire trajectory which is too slow and not useful against moving targets.
But this did give me a simpler idea:
Simply, the HUD calculates the elevation required for a direct fire trajectory, because whatever you're seeing in the HUD is in your gun's direct line of fire.

It's not meant for direct fire like a tank. Yes, howitzers can use direct fire trajectories, but it is for the same ranges you would be using indirect fire for. It's just less accurate. If you want to shoot straight at something, use a main battle tank.

Hello, you can customise your HUD so it does not cover any importnant
data from artillery computer/view. Thank you.

Do the artillery vehicles even have radar now?

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