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IA_Soldier_02.p3d left shoulder flag shows up when USING custom texture.
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In latest Dev version as of today, 03SEP13, the model IA_Soldier_02.p3d, the Green Force rolled up sleeve model, is showing half the Altian flag on HIS left shoulder. Even when using a custom texture that doesnt include that default texture file - so this is not a texture issue, its a model issue (maybe a material issue, no so sure on that though).

Normal IA_Soldier_01.p3d with custom texture:

Bugged IA_Soldier_02.p3d with the same custom texture:

Will not include my actual texture file, but if needed I'll screenshot my template/texture file as needed.

Please fix this issue prior to release; I can't release my mod with this glaring issue.


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Jezz... little too complicated to stay the steps for this, but it you use a CUSTOM.PAA texture for a uniform, based on the IA_Soldier_02.p3d model, you'll see it.

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Again this looks to be a model issue. Not a texture issue.

Moreover, please please please correct the issue on BLUFOR vest rig's regarding the subtle american flag to be show on the front where custom textures normally put a patch or something. Please see the following link:

NOTE THE CHEST PATCH. On my texture file there is no US flag; its just the Spartan head. So again, this may be a material or model issue - this one seems like a material issue. But please take a look prior to release.

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Note. I'm only editing the _co files. Not touching the _as.paa's

So this may be an error on the _as.paa for the default IA_Soldier_02 guy.

EDIT: And the NATO chest rig _as's.

Steps To Reproduce:
Add a AAF Autorifleman in the editor and add this to Initialization.
this setObjectTexture[0,"#(rgb,8,8,3)color(1,1,1,1)"];

v0.77.109751 (04SEP13) - issue still persists.

Nanucq added a subscriber: Nanucq.May 7 2016, 4:28 PM

Still present in 1.03.110339

The problem is easy to correct: Some polygons on the left arm don't belong to the "Camo" named selection, that's why when we use a custom texture the flag appears.

Please do something BIS :)

Still present as of 06NOV13.

Come on BI why is it taking so long to even get a response to address this.

Here's another screenshot if there needed to be one:

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 4:28 PM

Hi guys,

Sorry for my late reply, although I know there is no pardon when you were almost begging me to help our game and me to do good job.
I wasn't following feedback tracker, being quite new in team it took me some time to accustom and be aware of all areas of my responsibility which slowly shifted on me. Meanwhile I lost feedback-tracker from my sight, this is one day after spotting this issue.

now to the problem: it should be fixed (with new release).
First one (half of flag not editable by diffuse map change) was indeed in camo-selection missing there.
Second was I hope in SMDI (specular), as i didn't find anything other - in selections or materials. As far as I was testing it seems to be ok too.

Great to hear this stuff has been fixed, Peter! Welcome to the team and the feedback tracker. Are you only responsible for textures?

Thanks Peter, it looks fine now.

You are welcome Surpher :)
Hi Spectre, thanks. Not only for textures, also models and skinning, with exception of heads so far (this starts to change these days too, I started with mapping of one). I am also still advised by senior coleagues in more complicated cases.

resolved. Thank you very much for reporting it.

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