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Debug Console in Dedicated Servers
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The debug console does not appear for logged in admins in dedicated servers even after enableDebugConsole = 1; has been set in the Description.ext file in the mission pbo.


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run a dedicated server
  2. Select a mission that has enableDebugConsole = 1; in the description.ext (this should enable the debug console for logged in admins according to
  3. Log in as admin
  4. Hit escape and see there is no debug console available
Additional Information

I selected Arma 3 Beta Dev as the game version but I believe this bug is also present in the normal beta.

According to the wiki page the debug console should be enabled for logged in admins when the Description.ext param enableDebugConsole is equal to 1.

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Works for everyone with enableDebugConsole=2; though


is it possible to call the debug console via function?

Should be fixed in today's dev build.

confirmed to be fixed!
Thanks :)!

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