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requesting arma 3 to be also 64bit
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i know that "Suma" armas lead programmer has said in arma 2 that it wouldnt happen but now in arma 3... it is too demanding on altis and we need more ram and resources to be able to play without this stuttering.

2gb is not enough id be happy with 4-6gb (i have 16gb ram)


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sorry if the title of the ticket is misleading but i hope people understand what im suggesting.

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posted the same thing hours ago...


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upvoted yours too... i know this will be closed as a duplicate but but but wont it show that its a problem?

i dont want my 16gb ram to be limited for 2gb i may aswell play arma 1,2,3 at the same time and still wont use it all.

may even be the cause of PIP flickering on some vehicles also

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thanks guys :) keep voting something needs to be done here

Definitely need to be able to utilize more RAM. The stuttering is unbearable. Please look into Bohemia.

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Duplicate of #13693

AFAIK, most of the moderators for the feedback tracker are unpaid members of the community. Deliberately making duplicate tickets is only wasting their time.

yes but I bet the votes don't get carried over do they

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Nope, they don't.

Pro tip: search before creating a new ticket, then your votes won't go to waste.