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Naming a unit "Switch" generates an error
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Normally attempting to name a unit 'switch' generates an invalid variable name error, as expected as it is used for the switch script command. However, capitalizing any letter in the name (e.g. Switch, SWITCH, etc) does not trigger the invalid variable name in the editor, and allows for Preview. Upon entering the mission, the GUI on the pause menu is overlaid with the Configure Menu.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • Place a unit down in the editor
  • Attempt to name the unit 'switch'
  • Observe the correct invalid variable as intended
  • Attempt to name the unit 'Switch'
  • No invalidity error occurs, and the player can Preview the mission
  • The following error will occur in the RPT:

Error in expression <;_display = _params select 0;switch _mode do {case onLoad":{_displays = >

Error position: <_mode do {case "onLoad": {_displays = >
Error Missing ;

File A3\ui_f\scripts\initDisplay.sqf, line 29

Additional Information

It should not be possible to name a unit the name of a script command regardless whether the letters are upper or lower case.

Also, attempting to rename the unit after Preview will not be possible, the right side of the Edit Unit screen will not function, requiring a restart of the Editor.

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Confirmed, the check seems only work with all lower case letters

Still true as of 1.11.114607

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Still valid.

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