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scripting - new command that returns list of all existing backpacks
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This command can be useful in a mission for restricting the number of mortars/darter UAVs/any-weapon-that-gets-disassembled present on the battlefield.

In my mission I use the "vehicles" and "allDead" commands to track how many vehicles of a given type exist in the mission (players can create vehicles dynamically in this mission). This way I can force only a restricted number of attack helicopters/ dangerous vehicles on the battlefield for game balance and would like to do the same for backpack-transported weapons/UAVs/etc

The command should return all backpack objects: those that are on soldiers' back, in vehicle inventory, on ground, in ammo boxes, etc


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That makes no sense since things in inventories are not objects.

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What doesn't make sense to me is downvote a feature only based on the fact it "might" not be possible to implement it.

Second, you can reference a backpack object with a variable even if it's carried by a soldier or in a vehicle inventory.

Third, every item in ArmA environment is an object...

this issue can be closed the workaround is to use everyBackpack, backpackContainer and allMissionObjects

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Not exactly what is requested but along the same lines to complement items and magazines command added backpacks command rev 150277

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