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Civilians cannot use UAV Terminal
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equipping a B_UavTerminal, O_UavTerminal or I_UavTerminal to a civilian does not provide the player the UAV Terminal action.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
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play as CIVILIAN, get a uav terminal and equip it into the gps slot. it does not produce the "UAV Terminal" action like it does if you were to play as WEST.

Additional Information

Please class out a UavTerminal_base for side=CIVILIAN i.e. C_UavTerminal

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You are able to connect only UAVs which belong to your side and there is no civilian UAV. Civilian Terminal would be useless without civilian UAVs and civilian UAVs would be inconsistent with the rest of the game. Civilian side in the game don't have armed vehicles.

We could change this, but I consider this to be a very specific issue related to only specific mission. I would recommend to solve this issue by user-created mod in this case. This way you can create exactly what you need for your mod/mission.

I find it overly complicated that you have to assign faction based UAV terminals instead of having a single terminal that automatically recognizes what UAV's you should be able to connect to.

But that's just me.

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feel the same... at least there should be an UAV version that isnt faction encrypted, its not that far fetched to have civilian drones without "copy protection" as well.