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Flickering distant terrain and building textures
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I began to play Altis today for the first time and it didn't take me to long notice that some distant textures of terrain and buildings were flickering. Changing the video settings (within the boundaries the game still looking good) didn't do much difference. I checked if this occured also in Stratis and it did, but much less noticably. Maybe it's because the terrain is differend. In 2010 someone said that this happens because of something called z-fighting. Is it still the case? Im running A3 on GTX 690.

I recorded a brief video of the flickers:


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Easiest way is to get to a high point where you can see far away all around you and look at rocks and buildings in the distance. The problem seems to be much more dramatic on Altis compared to Stratis. No certain location for the problem, it seems to occur everywhere.

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see also #12065

Dev. Build 1.11.114839

The problem's still there...

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Could you attach an exsample mission? I want to test it too!

No need.
Go in the editor
Spawn a sniper
Try to aim at a far building/streetlamp/object, it's particularly visible when using a scope
It's visible everytime, night & day
As I have an ATI videocard I asked on BIS forum but it seems it's the same for NVIDIA owners so it's the game not a driver problem as I initially tought

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Duplicate of #6978