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When flying through clouds, they show as a sphere shape around the aircraft. The same occurs skydiving.
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This is a very big issue and ruins flying through the new volumetric clouds. They seem to avoid the aircraft or skydiving player in a large sphere shape. This just absolutely ruins the immersion and the ingame visuals. {F21707} {F21708} {F21709}


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This video shows how it should be flying through the cloud with the TrueSky SimulWeather tech we have in Arma 3. Though the video takes it a bit far for realism sake, but is still better than the current situation regarding flying and falling through clouds.

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I can confirm this is an problem. Tested it with a custom AC-130 mod and same thing happens. Clouds avoid the plane by going into a sphere shape and continually move away from me as I fly around.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 4:18 PM

I believe this has been tweaked; try below repro with 80-100% overcast with and without fog:

pos1 = getPosATL this; pos1 set [2,9000]; this setPosATL pos1

First of all, I just tested it and it does not apply to clouds, only after you punched through them, as this is the point where fog simulation starts.

On another note, the "circle" does appear, but it is appropriate now; it corresponds to the view range of the player (visibility). It is indeed realistic, that you don't see the fog coming up to your position, even if it's really thick, so you're always caught within a "visibility circle".

It should not be a perfect circle though, and it also had a problem of allowing an aircraft in the clouds or a skydiving player to view the ground when they shouldn't have been able too.

I tested it and there still is a big hole through the clouds showing the ground and the dark blue void. It should be clouds below the player when flying in the clouds. It also still feels like we are flying in a bubble.
This issue has improved a lot though but still needs work.

Confirming. First I thought it was a coincidence that I start above a cloud gap, but now, no matter how I move the para trooper around the map at 9000 elevation, I always end up over a cloud gap.

The current simulation of clouds is greatly affect by this. If you have been in an airplane and had a window seat, you can easily see clouds passing over the wing and very closely to the window.

Creating a "cloud removal LOD" or doing something similar to the config parameter that removed water from a vehicle but instead removed clouds from a plane, helicopter or man class would be sufficient.

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@ProGamer : you closed my ticket it was linked to the one here but not the same.

I was not asking to remove this buble, because i don't know why we have it. But to really add fog into clouds.
Because in the future for high level map you can walk, see, shot, fly into clouds like in a good day !
Adding the fog (that already exist but close to the ground ) to cloud would perfect for immersion.

Upvoted for this problem also.

@ProGamer: can you please correct the title? Now it basically reads "In the game, clouds DO NOT show as sphere, but they should be".

@izaiak I assumed yours was the same problem. How are they different issues?

izaiak added a comment.Dec 5 2013, 9:15 PM

@ProGamer :
As you can see on his pictures you have a missing clouds into a sphere around the player.

On my picture you can see that i don't have this effect, but a wall effect. Because on mountain i can't have the missing effects below me due to the ground.

Maybe both problem are linked maybe not.

This is why i was requesting real fog into clouds to be close to the reality on all way and increase the gameplay also.

Maybe with solving the problem of this topic you won't solve the problem about my topic.

I don't know ! Only developer know and this is why i think my topic is legit ( for the moment ).

Corrected title.

@Fireball Thank you.

@izaiak This ticket deals with a problem with the engine view distance that basically makes a huge area around the player have no clouds. Yours was there is no fog in clouds, but there is "fog" inside clouds, it's just that this tickets bug prevent this from being noticeable.

izaiak added a comment.Dec 8 2013, 5:17 PM

@ProGamer :
If you have watched my pictures, you can see that clouds are trying to simulate fog by using white wall. This is very visible with the pictures.

Then compare to fog if you set it a 90% with the weather editor. You can see that it is totaly different. There is not fog in clouds.

When was this ticket assigned?

JanT83 added a subscriber: JanT83.May 7 2016, 4:18 PM

Still same issue here. I just uploaded an Eyefinity video of the vanilla fixed wings mission and you can clearly see the issue whenever I turn the jet -