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Ejector seats for when we get jets
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Just a basic requests for the jets to have ejector seats for the crew. This would only be limited to jets. Maybe have an animation if you're in first person, the pilot pulls the tab and the canopy blows off and the chair flies off. Just a request.


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Does the L-159 (the plane all factions use *sigh*, even though it was put into operation in 2000) have ejector seats?

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Even the training/school planes like that one must have ejection seats, if not you cant open by yourself the cockpit to jump due to the aerodynamic airflow pressure afecting the cabin.

I don't know, but I feel pretty confident that all fighter jets have some means of separating the pilot from the aircraft without him just jumping out and taking his chances.

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Even ACE has got it...

I honestly don't think having an animation is necessary, as surely pressing eject (or cycling through the action menu to get to it) is a decent indicator of how long it takes to do all that. why delay it any longer? IRL, if you are going to eject, you go straight for whatever mechanism there is to eject with. you don't first spend a second or so trying to remember what that thing that you do when you want to escape from a crashing jet fighter is. "oh, the wings are destroyed. hmmmm, what to do what to do. OOOHHHH, what's this lever do" *PUMF* "WHEEEEEEEE"
jk, but spending longer than necessary to eject is a bit odd for an emergency situation. I would have thought that pressing eject in the action menu is like pulling the lever rather than looking around for it.


Have the screen go blurry and have the pilot thrown up in the air, with the parachute automatically deploying after a few seconds. And an ejection seat sound effect as well.

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Also some warning lights flashing and beeping sounds so we know when the plane is hit :D



AD2001, it's 2035 in the game by the way.

Another thing that gets stucked in the BI dev process.
I feel like I have to create an addon for that...

"Fixed: Airplane ejection. Now you are actually ejected out of an airplane instead of only moved next to the plane."


Dammit. I guess they took my code, placed it in a build and released it right away...

Well, at least my addon has an automatic parachute and sound effects :P

> This means this issue can be closed.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.