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Wind Turbines Silent?
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In the real world wind turbines are quite noisy and can be heard from a long way away.
The wind turbines on Altis don't make a sound.


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stand next to wind turbine

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voted up!

Next problem is, that windmills/wind turbines on Altis are not affected by the direction and strength of wind. Please take a look at following ticket:

Don´t know which windmills you have been listening to, but if you can hear them from miles away something is probably wrong :) But they do need to make sounds. Upvoted

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It feels strange and counter-immersive. Still no sound in v1.02.110.424

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Or a mission maker just adds turbine sounds if he feels there needs to be sounds for it.

Should mission maker also add sounds for the sea and for all the vehicles?

If you want seagull sounds etc, then you want to add those sounds too yes (did that already). The general environment sounds are quite basic in ArmA, some crickets and wind guts, an occasional bird and a basic sea/shore sound and thats it.

I do like to see turbine sounds available in the editor though. I like to see all the ArmA2 editor sounds in the arma3 editor. ArmA2 had nice factory/machine sounds, generator, radio garble and things like that, arma3 does not (yet).

Seagull sounds/crickets/dogs/etc. can be present and can be not, dependent on weather and other factors (including mission maker mood). Wind turbines must always have sound, if they are spinning. It's the same as those oil pumps on Takistan.

B00tsy added a comment.Oct 4 2013, 9:06 PM

Yeah thats true, the oil pumps do have sounds. Point taken :)
The default active palet of sounds in A3 is basic all around at this moment, and in the editor there are not that many sounds to work with (yet). So it is kinda expected that mission makers add their own sounds to make things more lively.

There is one engine sound from A2 that goes well with the turbines.

+1 Here's a few examples of noise from wind turbines...

I just hope that they make the sound directional instead of like all the other environmental samples which just fade in and out from no particular direction.
For example: walk towards the sea so that the sound of the water fades in, then turn around and notice that the sample is not positional and is locked inside the characters head.

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Sound would make them amazingly atmospheric! +1

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Nov 22 2016, 1:39 AM

+ 100%
The sound on the wind generator is necessary

They don't make electric power neither! You can endless add realism against FPS.
Destroying a wind generator should let the nearest town in the dark.

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