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Running stratis perfectly, Altis drops to 1-2 FPS.
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Every time I get on Altis it drops to 1-2 FPS. Stratis runs fine for me.
Already run lowest settings possible and no luck. {F21640} {F21641}


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Get ingame and start up Altis

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Same problem with me.

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same problem too

Quite the same FPS for me as with Stratis.

Jimboswe are you on a 64 bit computer?

Same. on the saltlake airfield I can look at one direction and have no problem, looking in an other direction and I have 1 fps. Placing myself between some towns or the airfield I have 1fps everywhere I (try to) look. Seems like the loading/rendering of objects are going crazy. No problems on Stratis.

Oh and I have Vista 32bit if that matters.

I'm having the same issue as well, really gamebreaking. Running vista 32bit

I get 1 fps in Altis, but in Stratis it fine

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Oh, you want more info? Here. Have some.

Really wanting this reviewed and hopefully fixed, I'm very anxious to play Altis.

I'll add my specs soon. If everybody else does too, that will help out the devs.

I placed myself on the north island and used a trigger with ´setObjectViewDistance 50´ and it is still the same thing, look at one direction ang get 20+ fps, look an other direction and its 1fps. So it is apparently not the object loading. Also still the graphic glitch. When I turn m y character the model sinks into the ground with spreaded arms and legs (default model pose) and bald head.

Arma 3 fonctionne parfaitement mais avec la carte Altis rien ne fonctionne.
En effet dés que je suis sur Altis le FPS chute à 1 et le jeu est bloqué !!
merci de me fournir une solution.


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Some more information:

First time I loaded up Altis, I was getting 0 FPS, sound and graphics were updating at about the same rate. In reality, I was getting one frame every couple of seconds.

Looking around a bit, I started using the following startup parameters:

-noLogs -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=3 -high -maxMem=2048 -noBenchmark -world=empty

Initially, I was using these with a graphics profile of "Low" with all post processing turned off. This actually helped a lot, I would tend towards around 40FPS with occasional stuttering if I looked towards a busy part of the map, for example towns and so on. That said, the scenario would run for about 15 minutes, then would irretrievably begin stuttering at about 1 - 2 FPS. Couldn't recover it at all.

Changing to the "Standard" graphics settings, meant I had a much prettier look around Altis for fifteen minutes, then the stutter would cut in and the game became unplayable.

While running the game, I've had the Windows task manager opened at the "Performance" tab and have been watching the activity of the processors.

What seems to be happening is some sort of in game event takes place which seems to effect the way the game addresses the processors. In my case, activity on cores 1, 3 and 4 drops to about 10% while core 2 goes to between 30% and 40%.

I haven't isolated the cause down to a specific event in game, because it can be different each time. Common causes are:
a) switching out of the map screen;
b) panning the view past a busy section of terrain;
c) alt-Tabbing out of the game momentarily.

The experimenting I've been doing have been with my soldier sitting in a Stomper and being driven over the map. The stomper is the version without a turret. However, when the glitches start, I find the extremely low detail model of the stomper seems to grow a turret occasionally, then lose it.

On Stratis, I'm getting 40ish FPS.

Computer details: Athlon II X4 640 Propus processor, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 with 2048MB RAM, Windows 7 Ulimate 32 bit.

According to poll, comments on Bi forums that massive FPS drop from 60 to 1-2 when the game becomes completely screwed is in 90% happening on 32bit OS. And it really doesn't matter what your rig is. (must be able to handle at least the Stratis ofc.)

check this thread and vote! [^]

I also have an issue where if you fly over Altis the terrain loads slowly, even with high view distance and it is definitely not my PC, It is ARMA. And by slowly I mean the land appears but it is just sand and no buildings or foliage, etc.

N.Castellano, Yep. Windows 8 64 bit.

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This issue has supposedly been resolved in the latest dev branch update.

Please test and report back. :)

Just tested, runs like a dream now!

Fixed. No problems at all yet. Awesome map!!!

Great! Issue seems to have been fixed. I have 4 x machines running 32 bit Win7 and 1 x Win7 64 bit. All running fine now. Excellent map!

with the last update my game works fine when i'm in the editor,but if i try to play a solo mission or a multi mission ,the game become unplayable(very low fps) and the caracters are moving with their clothes behind them...

For all who has still performance issues on Altis.
I created new category Altis Performance. Everybody please create own report with these informations:
*Issue description
*Your Dxdiag and .rpt file after reproduce this issue.
*Your graphics configuration (screenshots or Arma 3.cfg file from this folder: c:\Users\*\Documents\Arma 3\
*Coordinates when is issue on concrete place, or information, that issue is same on whole island. For coordinates type "position player" in watch in debug console.

Closing as fixed. For new issues create new tickets, as directed above.