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Altis/Lemnos salt lake should be either dry or filled with water depending on the date
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The salt lake is based off the one in lemonos. This salt lake is filled with water for part of the year and dry for the summer months.


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shush, don't say the "L" forbidden name

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Does the engine support this kind of "dynamic water"?

Definately should have this ability. I wonder what Agia Marina's Canal on Stratis would look like filled with water...

I believe the engine does indeed support "dynamic water" like this.

Quote from:

"• Aliki or Alyki Beach is one of four large sandy beaches in a row on the east side of the island of Limnos. It is situated east of the saltlake of Aliki. I name it in the category "south east" but actually it is more on the north east side of the island. This is a way to combine a visit to the saltlake with a dip in the sea. The wetland of Aliki is full of (bird)life in winter and spring, but dried out and white in the summer."

Yeah this would be nice...

I was surprised to find this not implemented since the Altis loading screen said it was.

This actually would be quiet neat.