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Ability to individualize setBehaviour type commands to group members
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[Feature request]

This could become a problem solver and quite productive to a series of issues. Once a group elevates it's behaviour into "COMBAT" there is a lot of scripting control lost over it's members.

While a player commanding AI can individualize both behaviour and RoE (combat mode) to great effect, a scripter does not have that ability since once any of these commands are used on a unit, the effect is applied to the whole group.

The suggestion is for these commands to keep the current usage in order not to break current scripts depending on it. But to flag it if we want to make it individual only, such as:

Current Syntax
groupName setBehaviour <mode> //(syntax accepts a single unitName too)

Alternative Syntax to accommodate the feature
[unitA] setBehaviour <mode> syntax using an array
[unitA, unitB] setBehaviour <mode>
to flag the individualization

Likewise for setCombatMode and setSpeedMode.

A pratical example of the benefits would be for a scripter to make a unit move in a more responsive way when under "COMBAT" behaviour, avoiding the bounding overwatch default nor the pathfinding with parameters {10,5} which make him search excessively for cover (this would relate with a solution for -

As a bonus and mimiking setSpeedMode "AUTO" setting, one could also provide the setting "AUTO" to both setCombatMode and setBehaviour in order to let the unit rejoin the group naturaly when the scripter is finnished with it's customized AI settings.


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