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CSAT Uniforms non-conforming to Geneva Convention: Add National Flags
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The new CSAT banner is nice, however, the Geneva convention demands that Soldiers clearly carry their national flags on their Uniforms.

Edit: Not as clear cut as previously thought. All a Uniform needs to be is clearly make the wearer clearly be a part of a nations military. I do not yet know what that constitutes, since the flag display on the uniform seems to be neither here nor there. Most EU militaries, if not all, display their national flags on their uniforms at any rate.

I therefore humbly request to bring back the previous velcro shoulder patch and add the CSAT logo under the existing flag patch, or add a sewn on flag patch to the current Uniform (example provided below.) {F21531} {F21532}


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Actually, can we please get the old versions with the velcro back? Those looked much better

If this change is made, the National flag should be ABOVE the faction flag, as a sign of respect for that nation. That's just my opinion.

On the US uniforms, it's supposed to be 1/2 inch below the right shoulder seam. Other countries may have a different uniform code though.

Why would a group such as CSAT follow the Geneva convention?

Why would a group such as Nato follow the Geneva convention?

Man I was annoying in my previous post, I apologize.

However, this is still a problem. I have added an example picture above to illustrate how the Units should look, rather than how they look at this moment.

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ProGamer, i know that BIS is shitting on realism so far, but this is just an minor detail to add inmersion.

The bottom picture makes more sense, and just looks right all together.

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I don't see the point of this. It doesn't make things realistic, we don't know what happened to the geneva convention in the future so anything goes.

Personally I like the one logo they have. I don't actually WANT any flags beside it.

Downvoted because that's my personal taste. Your mileage may vary.

when BI introduced arma 3 said CSAT forces are iranian so if british or US soldiers have their national flag on their uniform why the CSAT (islamic republicc of iran) souldnot have their flag?

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CSAT is a mix out of russia, china, and arabs countries, not just iran.

Voted up, flags would be nice. Should be very extremely easy to do, even for BIS. I like the second picture. The flag should be above the CSAT logo, although a funny thing is that the U.S. Army wore the flag below unit patches back when they wore the BDU/DCU.

By the way, what section of the Geneva Conventions state that flags are required? For example, U.S. Marines don't wear flags and the USA is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions.

Also, pretty much every country has ratified at least part of the Geneva Conventions.

From my side, yes, in case CSAT units CANNOT WEAR BLUEFOR UNIFORM due to Geneva conventions - according to the games field manual - it is necessary for them to follow the Geneva conventions in all other cases too.

But from my point of view the Geneva conventions are mentioned in the game just as a silly excuse for the uniforms. Guess what - you can still kill civilians, you know..?

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Really Laqueesha? USMC dont use flag patches?

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I can't see the Geneva Conventions going anywhere in the future. +1

Dr. Death, no, they usually don't (unless they're MARSOC). USMC doesn't like embroidered patches like the U.S. Army does.

See here (no flags):

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so..... USMC don't use patches at all? or they use Velcro?

Yeh, I found that this is more confusing than I remembered it to be. I recall from classes that some document necessitated the display of the national flag of a soldier as part of the "distinctive" nature of the uniform. However, this either isn't as clear cut as I thought it was, or certain countries/formations are ignoring the rule for one reason or the other.

I could never find out why the Marines do not display the national flag. Interestingly, I think the USAF and Navy do not display the flag on their uniforms either.

Is this a peculiarity for the US, or similar for other countries? I've gotta do some more research.

InstaGoat, other countries don't wear flags as well. North Korean soldiers don't wear flags on their uniforms, for example.

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But north korean might aswell dont carry them because they can't buy them.

However, North Korean soldiers wear their insignia on the front of their helmets (And so do the chinese.).

Absolutely. It's so stupid that they removed everything that explicitly related CSAT to Iran except for the languages. They changed their vehicle set to all Russian, removed the Iranian flag (from the uniforms AND even in the editor markers), that just ruined the game for me in a lot of ways.

I don't think the Geneva treaties have so specific requirements. The related parts are probably the ones requiring soldiers to have distinctive uniforms, and militias/volunteers/organised resistance movements to have "fixed distinctive signs", but so long as the side the soldier fights on is clear, nothing necessarily demands the nation to be identifiable.

Still I wouldn't mind CSAT national flag patches, though I think it's part of a larger problem of the CSAT not feeling fleshed out enough.

Some links:

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I thought the CSAT were born or originated from alien and alien technology?