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UGV set Player to Enemy and kill him after lost one Greyhawk trough enemie fire or crash to ground
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If you set one or more AI Stomper on the map in the near of the player and the player use a Greyhawk that will be shoot down trough enemie forces or lost by crash to ground, the Stomper will open fire on the player, because the player are set as enemie. {F21526}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Test 1 : Put one Blufor Player, one Blufor Stomper and two Blufor Greyhawk on the Map. Connect to the Greyhawk, fly a little bit and then crash the first and then the second Greayhawks to ground, the Stomper will open Fire at the player.

Test 2 : Put one Blufor Player, one Blufor Stomper,some Blufor Greyhawk and two enemie Vehicles on the Map. Connect to the Greyhawk, fly a little bit over the enemie forces and wait that your UAV is shoot down, the Stomper will open Fire at the player again.

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The machines are avenging fallen comrades :P +1

Can anyone confirm this?

Looks like Skynets back!

Yes i can confirm, similar tests and same results

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I crashed two Darters in a row and the friendly (?) AI killed me.

I make some more Tests. It's not alone a problem with the UAVs, also friendly AI Groups are crazy... if you lost more than 1 or 2 Vehicles (i.e. you fly a chopper and crash or you was shoot down, friendly AI will open the fire at the player. Or you can destroy 2 empty vehicles (own side), AI will open fire at the player...

edit : i make a map for anyone (see attach), who wants to look Destroy one (empty) Chopper and the ai group will fire at you

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That's normal AI behaviour, I believe there's an internal score counter and once your score hits a specific negative/low value, the AI considers you enemy.

Killing friendlies is of course wrong and the player is rightfully punished for doing so. Destroying empty vehicles is questionable (a court-martial would be in order here I guess). But crashing an unmanned vehicle shouldn't count as friendly fire at all.

In a similar case the pilot gets blamed for the casualties when a chopper gets shot down. People get auto-kicked from servers because of this.

ähm, after ONE vehicle ?? this isn't normal, sorry...

This behaviour has existed in all the OPF/Arma games. You start with a specific rating, 0 for private, more if you are say, a major.

Killing enemies raise your rating. Destroy friends (or friendly equipment) lowers your rating. Your rating gets low enough and your are no longer BLUFOR or whatever you were before but are instead a Renegade, a faction that everybody is enemies with (including other renegades I think). Killing men lowers your rating a bit, killing vehicles lowers it much more.

If you find threads where people request a civilian hit counter they are sometimes baffled that it stops counting after a couple of civilians. That is because their scripts checks to see whether the killer was, say BLUFOR, and then increment the count. However, after some kills you become renegade so the counter stops for you.

In my missions I always add the following to my init to prevent this issue:
player addRating 999999;

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confirmed with Dev1.07.112828,just after one carsh of MQ4 even without in AI's sight. but didn't happen with AR-2

You shouldn't be killed for one accidentally destroyed Greyhawk anymore. This applies only on crashes. When you attack your own vehicle, you are still considered to be a traitor and you are killed by your own units.

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