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[Feature Request] Engine start delay for vehicles
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Now when you get in car and press gass button, your vehicle start immidiatly whithout engine launch process and delay.
Please add small 1-2sec dealy for engine start. It will be more natural, and looks more realistic as with helicopters and planes

Addtional feature: if engine damaged, vehicle have random chance to start engine

Look at GTA, FarCry3 and lot other games

Video of helis for example:


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Steps To Reproduce

put any car in editor
Get in gar
Hold Shift W (or without shift)
Your car start to ride immidiatly without engine start delay

Now get in your car in real life and press gass pedal without engine start process :D

Additional Information

Solution: in main section of vehicle config add param with value
EngineStartDelay=1.3 (in seconds)
EngineStartSound= ?(optional)
Or somthing similar

Maybe add some button in Keyboard settings

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Good suggestion, As if the key is turning like when you get out you can hear the engine shutting down.

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I've noticed it too and wanted to create a ticket. The thing is, while I was testing that, I actually encountered a somehow related issue, posted here:
Anyway, upvoted.

It is a good idea but I do have to say though that when I get into my car (which is automatic) I already have my key ready and start my engine really fast and just move out without a delay. Even when I owned a standard it's REALLY easy to start up fast and immediately start moving. If your in a situation where you need to bug out fast you don't hesitate on beating the transmission up to get out of there.

SUV- The SUV is an automatic so there is no need for clutch work. This vehicle only needs a key turned. Just like with any auto it's easy to start upon immediately getting into the vehicle and then driving.

ATV - Depending on if there is a choke, a kill switch that has to be turned off, whether the ATV is automatic or standard, or if it has a carburetor or fuel injection. This is the only vehicle that requires more time to start up. Unless of course you keep the key in the ignition and in the on position.

I do agree though that when a vehicle has a damaged engine. There should be a delay it is after all... damaged.

Here not about only cluch work, im about engine start and, yes, cluch work too.
Please reread addtional ticket description whith solution.

Here you need to getin, insert key, rotate it, wait 1sec while engine started, switch cluch or automatic gear and only after you can begin ride. It take 1-3 seconds in real life.
Look at Call of Duty sceene when you driving car or GTA. In Arma now you start to ride immidiatly when your soldier doing getIn animation, and without engine start process!!! Idiotism :)

Yeah it is very odd that you can move immediately when the engine starts or a second before it...imagine taking off in helicopters without having to spool the engines or gain RPM, etc.

You do hear the engine start and then you start to move... besides there is already a 1-3 second delay on getting in a car. What's next 0-60mph in 5 minutes? You never have gotten into a car and proceeded to drive the car like you stole it have you? Ever gone 140 mph? I dont think so. Speaking from experience of driving cars hard I can accurately say that the vehicle can get out a situation really quick...

Btw Idiotism isn't a word. No reason to insult someone.

Heli's are understandable and ATV's but not cars or trucks.

@NodUnit +1, thank you, right words :)

@Other dickfacers&downvoters - shut up and eject...

Idiotism its LifeStyle :D!

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Very good ticket. And some of you aren't familiar with the fact that cars don't start moving before their engine has properly started. They start moving before the ignition sound in arma. Automatic or not, these are internal combustion engines, they need to rev up.

Additional video as example
but maybe make it a bit easy (Hold some Key->EngineStartProcess(insert key/turn key, wait while RPM stabilized)->Drive)

Optional as additional feature: each car have personal key :), if unit not leave key inside car, you can try to steal car by 'wires sparking' as car thief.

Need to make this process very interesting, dynamic and intractable! :)

If you dont know how or not have more manpower for this or lot of other features, you free to recruit my high-skilled game development team :) (modelers, C+/Java coders, animators)

Mldri added a comment.Sep 2 2013, 7:01 PM

That mod is awesome, Kol9yN. The implementation is near perfect. When are you releasing and where can I download it?

I think one second delay while the engine starts should be sufficient. No need for a car keys :-) or additional keyboard keys here. Though engine start sound would be nice.
Also the car reverses now without delay as well, while you hold the break/reverse key, which is kind of weird. Should have to release and push again that key to start moving back after the stop.

"Should have to release and push again that key to start moving back after the stop."
This is a very good idea.

@Mldri, its not my addon ;)

P.S. >:] I know how make gear cluch simulation and engine launch process, parking-brake, switch engine to reverse drive, its VERY easy!

BUT! I dont want to fuckup my brains and my team, because its not my job, but I can tell to BIS how release this... or for some good scriptwriter who want to release this in addon! So who want, PM me ;)

EDIT: Thanks for all who Voteup this ticket, please need more votes, populate it!

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