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Arma 3 sandbox altitude limit is only 5 km
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When you are flying a fixed wing aircraft 5 km above sea level you will loose the ability to control it. Faster you fly above 4 km less control you will have as well. Same limits where previously in Arma 2 and TKOH but they where set to 10 and 12 km representatively which was just enough for jet fighters orientated missions and scenarios.


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Just get in a fixed wing aircraft of any sort and climb to 5 km. You will start noticing the problem as soon as you will hit 4.5 km.

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If this limitation will stay in place it will strongly affect addons and mission makers that are focused on producing realistic fix wing aircraft experience in Arma world.

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This limit is set in config for every single vehicle. For our fixed-wing UAV seems current limit ok.

Author of mod sets this limit for a plane added via mod. If you have any jet added via mod and its limit is incorrect, then please report this issue to the author of that mod.

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I think the limit for the UAVs should be much higher. The MQ-9 (which the fixed wing UAVs are probably based on) has a maximum altitude of 15000 meters.

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I'm sorry but maxalt or any thing like that does not seem to work unfortunately. I have also checked community wiki for all config references and cannot find any thing thath would set vehicle max altitude. Is it at all possible for you to tell me what is the exact line one have to put in the config file?

id be glad when the ArmA uses realistic Air Alttitude-Speed visual relation, like in real life, when you see 100 meters from above the ground you REALIZE you are 100 meters above the ground, in ArmA 2 this number is 1/4, so if you set up to be 2500 meters above the ground in the game you will see you are 10 000 meters above the ground, this was possible turned into 1/2 for ArmA 3, but its still unrealistic, and using a more realistic Flight simulation for the planes would help that

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maybe they are considering some type of military air_traffic regulation regarding max flying height or ROE / world-wide restriction for military aircraft

  • wasn't a pilot

Regardless it is indeed low

  • maybe the new sky/cloud system has ALT_Requirements

I rarely find myself flying CAS in-game over 2000m ALT but Id easily consider now...

  • New AMAZING cloud system


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@Dr Death

"and using a more realistic Flight simulation for the planes would help that"

As far I know, ARMA 3 engine has same limits as does ARMA 2 engine, we have same physics rules what is shared between all aircrafts (helicopters, jets, UAV etc).

same was said with Physx, so, either BIS have to make a new engine or re-modify it, besides, the engine barely got tweaked after the alpha relase.

There is no shame on making a new engine after all, this engine is 10 years old and the changes from OFP to ArmA 3 are giant, but BIS needs to make a new next-gen C++ coded engine and make it even more flexible

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