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RPT file logging for steam workshop related events in the scenerios menu
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Currently I am trying to debug an issue where the Steam workshop content is not being loaded in the scenarios menu. I am having a hard time narrowing down what the cause is due to lack of proper logging of what is happening as it tries to load the scenarios list in the menu. Please add logging for events related to loading the steam workshop scenarios list to the scenarios menu so that it is easier to debug these issues.


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I've already implemented that, but it's enabled only in internal version. I'll look into that.

There is a new command line parameter -enableSteamLogs, that will enable additional logging to RPT file.

If anyone has and issue with the steam workshop missions, could you please start the game with that parameter, reproduce the issue and then send me RPT file (or post it here), it would be greatly appreciated.

RPT file could be found in user profile directory:

Thank you for response. There is some information in that rpt. Looks like the process has stopped when retrieving the list of mission ids. It doesn't look like it failed, just hanged. It could be possible that it's just waiting for steam to return results.

I've fixed one possible place that could cause the issue and also added some more detailed logs in that particular functions to see what is happening.
Changes have revision 109399, it should be part of the tomorrow's update.

Have you tried to publish any mission from the editor? Does that work fine? Also, do you have any other game with WS functionality, does the WS work there? I just want to rule out the possibility that steam API is unable to send some queries to steam server.

It seems to me like it's stalling on a specific mission file, but I'm not sure which one. If I unsubscribe from a good chunk of the missions, it works fine, but for some reason, at some point, it dies when I subscribe to a lot of missions. Would it be possible to echo out to the rpt file which missions are being loaded, followed by if they are successfully loaded, so that it would be easier to find the culprit and see if there's anything in that mission in the workshop that would lead to the bug?

This is part of the new logs that I posted yesterday but the update is still not on Steam.

Current version is displayed in main menu in bottom right corner (currently 109344), when the number will be higher than 109399 the additional logs should be available.

From your last log it still looks like it stuck on the same place. How many missions have you subscribed? +50?

Good news, I've finally found the problem and it should be fixed now. Unfortunately it will be part of the tomorrow's update as a today's update is already in process.
Fix has revision 109409.

There was a problem when the list of missions is more than 50 items long, then it has to be retrieved from the steam in multiple steps.

Fix should be in current Dev build (0.77.109446). Could some please test it and confirm it?

It works now, thanks!

Good to hear, thank you all for help.

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