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Terrain Editing
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Imagine following situation: You want to build a little camp for a mission. You set a few tents (or anything else). Then want to see the results. And that's the point: There are rocks and trees and grass in your objects. My Idea: A Terrain editor, not complex, just a function where you can add and delete trees, rocks and mow the grass (maybe in a 3D-Editor)


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You cant't really change the already placed objects, but placing new ones could be useful.

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not sure about this, but i played on server, where hangar on airfield was removed(not destroyed, rly gone), maybe there is a way to remove objects by scripts :)

There might be one, but I also saw someone made a ticket requesting a command for removing trees, so removing trees is currently not possible AFAIK.

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Solved by Eden Editor

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