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Enemy UAV's visible on UAV Terminal
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Enemy UAV's visible on UAV Terminal... That must be an bug, the terminal should not be able to have any knowledge of enemy UAV, or anything else enemy related for that matter.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
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Create own and enemy UAV and open the UAV Terminal.

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Unable to reproduce. Enemy UAVs are shown only when player knows about them (they are very close, other unit in a group is very close to that UAV etc.). Are you still able to reproduce this issue? Thanks

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Im am no longer able to reproduce this (this is a rather old bug), unless as you say i'm able to actually see/observe the enemy UAV.

If the the idea behind the UAV console is to be an actual console, that shows and controls UAW's, then enemy UAV's should not be shown, even if i can actually see them. Right now it works like the map - where all observed contacts are shown.

I guess this is a matter of taste and what level of realism you want.

This is dependent on your difficulty settings. If you use the elite difficulty settings (or you can just disable "Extended map info" in difficulty settings), there won't be any enemy units shown in the map/terminal.

Thanks for help. Marking as resolved.

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